REAL CSGO Butterfly knife in a chest box Review

Awesome CS:GO butterfly knife. It came with a chest box and some accessories. I got it from
The Gold blade you see in the thumbnail Is my replica blade that will be shown in the replica video tutorial I made on the endcards at the end of the video.

Disclaimer: I am not paid to do this review. All my opinions are my own. If a company sent me a product for review or sponsorship I promise 100% honest review and not biased.

Here are the links where you can get yours.


worldmasher 123 says:


michael akins says:

orderan mo daw ako tol wla kasi ako credit card

Johnpaul Sindol says:

Where did you get those?

mr SALKKU says:

i have butterfly knife to

MrAlucardDante says:

Sick looking, but for $12 to $25 bucks, it should be sharp

Burhanul Asyam says:


Cian Guison says:

kuya san ka nakatira

PterO says:

mahal naman nito dahil may shipping fee pa (US to manila to cebu) *wipes sweat*

Hor Jia Bao says:

How can I get the case and the knife?

Malone jacobe says:

Alam ko nahihiya kang mag salita noh?

Ruth Manalo Aledo says:

im just explaining hehehe

Maximiliano Pozo says:

Where is the video of the exact replica??

jerome acbang says:

San ka po nakabili ng Butterfly knife? Meron po ba sa pinas?

Te Mix says:

Can anyone else verify that the cut company is real?

Ognjen Misic says:

2:00 this is why he should never use a sharp knife

Mehmet Özkan says:

HEY, where is your Last “butterfly Knife -popsicle-” video? 🙁

Squibbles says:

Kolourco also has really good knives, they sell butterflies karambits swords and a lot of other ones that I don’t know the name of

Angelsmom 2008 says:

Can you sell me one


WTF pinoy kaba

Angelsmom 2008 says:

But can you send me one please I love those

XGN DoRiTo68 says:

Does a review on a butterfly knife. Uses the fuckin bite handle. Every balisong enthusiast triggered.


tiga saan kaba

nolan nesprido says:

Is the blade sharp ?

Pauly Paul gaming says:

Does it ship to the Philippines?

That Saucy man says:

Ohh shit the first Filipino YouTube with actual veiws

LordeOfKayke / Lok says:

3 questions:
1, is the blade sharp?
2, do you know if it can be shipped to canada?
3, is it legal to possess a butterfly knife in canada?

Fallen Fake says:

you where opining it wrong if it was sharp you would of cut your self

Dralle says:

If that was a real knife you would cut yourself… when you opened the knife you opened it so the blade got to your bare skin!!

GOH WEI ZHUN - says:

How to make the real version of csgo butterfly knife?

Maru Ivan Rico says:

Ayyy its 20 days from my birthday!

ZexyDonnyBoy // ZexyPeHQ says:

Kuya magkano to kasama ang delivery bibili ako eh. Salamat

TheNatBat says:

how long is shipping??

PRO Gaming says:

is the blade sharp?

Miguel Macias says:

How long did it take to ship?

Maximiliano Pozo says:

Why do you suprimite the video of the exact replica ??

Mayur Nagwani says:

I recommend you to please see the photos of natural shippuden’s character sasuke uchiha’s kusanagi snake sword and please try to make it’s replica and post it’s tutorial video.

Elppis says:

is dat blade plastic

The Animator says:

hey man, could you please make a video on the tf2 spy butterfly knife out of popsicle sticks? i would really appreciate it

Miska Koramo says:

Is eu.cutss safe? I live in Finland

Easy tutorials says:

24 dollars ang pinakamura worth it naman

iEmojiGFX - NextBlend says:

I have the blue steel one and its awesome!

Jonah Barnett says:

Misleading thumbnails 101

Drift King says:

Mine broke the day I got it

Rafael Sánchez says:

where is the other tutorial to replica?

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