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ShadyGMA says:

Jesus dude this was a nice ass video man!

a youtube account says:

Guys buy from this its much better.

Dat Boi says:

are they sharp,so i know cuz i might buy one

Alain Barongan says:

The designed it for a lady as a self defence.

ALNS preston says:

So young but such a good vid… Keep it up kid …. I’m getting this one btw .. so thank u

David Čolak says:

I have same as you and its pretty cool!

Band Footman says:

Fake cuts tho

Fiji says:

I know this is late but is it all metal or what?

Willian Pereira says:

Butefly fodah viu

FlamingMMO The Flaming Destroyer says:

Lucky I wish I can get one

Jacob Clement says:

Very good video and awesome tricks! I’m gonna be getting one of these in a couple weeks and I’m excited

Ugandan Knuckles says:

are you old enough to use that butterfly knife?

J_Shadow_K says:

This is so sick sadly i cant buy any butterfly knife or anything online

SUPER spooks says:

Can you fan with this knife?

SergentNewVegas SA says:

i like the video and all but i ordered my balisong in November until now why is it taking so long?

Mübarek Adamlar says:

Look’s great Kinfe

Dawidowsky Niepokój says:

This knife is sharp?

William Alvarado says:

I have a boreal forest butter fly knife ur knife is cool but i wish it was a real csgo skin

_ gian says:

Never Mess With This Kid

agaveboy says:

Nice I might get one I’m really young (6th grade) but I’m only gonna use trainers.

EWizz says:

Yo dude. I ordered the same knife but handle is black, then i saw this video. Now I’m more Hyped for mine.

springul8503 says:

Can someone please teach me the trick he did at 3:30

Garrett Beene says:

OK so I thought this vid would be bad like how most kidw make vids but day um you are really good at this great job (amazing skills)

Justin Crawford says:

Was surprised, I thought you would be an annoying kid but your video was excellent seriously, like you deserve far more subs for the age you are and how well the video was, honestly the best kid youtuber ive seen and i wish more people were like you, subbed to u on two accounts and liked! Keep it up man:)

Kendrick. says:

why was this recommended to me…?

Alain Barongan says:

Origin of balisong

Frostz says:

i have a ruby one

William Alvarado says:

Btw all the tricks done in vsgo ARE possible they just take an insane amount of time to learn

Doan Ly says:

Hm even though it’s curved, seems like a pretty good flipper.

Killer wolf says:

My parents don’t let me buy a butterfly knife

Mr.Dirtman says:

How long did it take to ship?

Mr. Mankey says:

You made me buy this knife thanks you

Marcy says:

very cool!

Ascastheus says:

its a fucking crossfire not csgo idiot!!

Mikey Games says:

nice vid man

Oliver Jensen says:

Slowmotion next time

TheShankinSoviet says:

Did you actually shove a trainer to the tree

Gabriel Marcoux says:

Trick at 1:21 ??

campo digrano says:


ShadowGamer says:

I gave the same one lol I just bought it like 3 days ago

FaDE MineBoss says:

For once a kid has a channel that makes me cringe

Frost Rain says:

Hey I’ve never seen this YouTube shower for but yesterday I bought a butterfly knife and I already have two trainers so I bought a CS go trainer and I needed to see what they look like and how they move so I appreciate how you made an unboxing video on this it’s a really nice thank you and I really like your channel I’m in a subscriber I’m gonna like

Lucas Din pappa says:

I have it it’s really good

高登·屁孩 Pboy_gordon says:

Well i can buy this in $9 in Taobao =)

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