Real Life CSGO Knife – Miraie Review

Reviewing a real life CSGO design butterfly knife lol.

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Trying my best to speak English! 大丈夫だよ!

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My videos are suppose to be taken as for entertaining purpose. Don’t take everything I said in the video serious and sorry if I offended anyone in this video.

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Spicy Meme says:

Fuk yeee kunt

TheCandyIsGood OFFICIAL says:

Thats so dope

kiimii says:

we have the same wooden floor ;-;

SkjZ says:

Miraie can you make cs video

Dat Neko says:

The mushroom is called the latch FYI

Lotus Galaxy says:

16 is the fourth power of two. For this reason, 16 was used in weighing light objects in several cultures.

AnCobi13 says:

can u pass me the link of the Page for buy knives? 😀

Mystogan84 says:

Are you from korea or japan ?

Luxuriosa Vayne says:

Can someone please find where to buy this

[XSG] - StyleT says:

Hi Miraei, how you order your knife?

Darkii55 Destroyer says:

is he like growing really fast now 😀

Jalapiñecone says:

I got a karambit from cutss. It’s pretty good quality and came fairly sharp even though it was unsharpened. It also took 2 months to get here so that was a bummer


When the guy left and he revealed the P2000 Oceania. I died

Kwistan says:

Wait, u Filipino?

Smoker Rs says:

can we get link to were you got this?

Immuniv // CringeHub says:

wait did he say bring it to his class…

Friltz says:

ChakiP <3

BambusArts says:

Sugoi! I will buy this shit too

KultaJaba says:

2:29 Its not a real knife, don’t worry. Title: “REAL life csgo knife” Logic 9000/5

Samuler CQ says:

im in fucking love wthis channel XDDDD

Confliction says:

when you said “fuck this shit get the fuck away from me” I nearly died xd

Gabriel says:

T H A T ‘ S M Y S I Z E

Reignce346 says:

5:52 Who’s that?

- Focusx - says:

you old khife broke like mine

BossLeveL999 says:

When I see a thumbnail with rem and a butterfly knife next to her, you got my fucking attention.

zombi. says:

this is some high quality s_shake settings

sleep says:

terrorists win

piip takayo says:

intro song?

John Talyor says:

where are you from?

Andrés - says:

xDDD, wwwww

nope says:

i rike de broken box

WashinesGaming says:

Miraie’s a memelord! 😀

xXDragon slayerXx says:

miraie can give the link where you buy the knife

Santiago Pareja says:

Just one question, what are the paying methods

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