Real vs Fake Benchmade 42

This video covers some of the differences between a counterfeit Benchmade 42 and a real genuine Benchmade 42. The differences are very subtle as the clones have become increasingly similar to the real thing. Be careful when you buy. Hopefully this video will help prevent some people from being duped.


J Bravo says:

Sounds like either one should work just damn fine

Jurge Cones says:

Jesus dude just compare the balisongs I dont want a 5 minute rant about morality and ”being unique”

Hedi Bel Hadj Amor says:

I would say it’s all about finition, like high-end watches and their fake versions. Also, you should be able to tell the difference in weight since no clones are made in titanium, it would be too expensive

Michael Federman says:

fakes have hex screws not star i am a liscensed benchmade dealer

Grant Fox says:

Selling my real Benchmade 42 for sale $550 , Please message me if your interested

danny311420 reviews says:

My opinion is benchmade charges 300 which is way to much, it’s for a name, they upmarket way too much to have there name, they probably pay 10 20 bucks to make there knives and charge 300, na, rather pay 30…thanks replica is awesome fuck real

nightcore master says:

the fake has a brighter luster (more shiny)

Epic Potato says:

I bought one for about thirty bucks, it’s probably fake but still

Blade Kick says:

I look at tang pins. Fake will have flat one that has ring of cheaper metal around center tang that will flatten. Just one thing people dnt usually say.

Lil Jimmy says:

Benchmade 42 is one of the greastest balisongs ever made.

A_ Hall2005 says:

Dude I got a real good one for seven dollars !!

HicksZ34 says:

Wait, so someone else makes a knife that’s 95% similar to the original, while also being 95% cheaper, and you think thats wrong?

That’s part of the wonder of capitalism. Someone else can make a comparable product for cheaper, then don’t be mad when a lot of ppl go for the cheaper one.

In your perfect world, only someone with $300 to waste on a fancy knife would be able to afford one of these. Imagine if every retail product operated on this principle? A car could only be made by one manufacturer, and it would cost $100’s of thousands. A fucking pencil would only be attainable from one corporation, and a 10 – pack would run you $80. Imagine a world where Starbucks was the only place to get coffee in the world. A dystopian reality where toothbrushes are sold like pounds of cocaine. The people who care about the name on their knife, aren’t going to go anywhere else for their balisong. The rest of the world, can pay a tenth of the price for a well made model of comparable quality and not be able to tell the difference. Not everyone can afford a Porsche, so thank God we have Corvettes.

Digfive3 says:

If anything, this video just encouraged me to go with the fake. If you say I’m not gonna know the difference, then that’s an extra ~$300 in my pocket.

wings of freedom says:

good thing i bought a real benchmade 42 trainer

Adam Benbrahim says:

I liked the video but I want one like it but I do not know how to get one

James T. says:

Fake is good

Capone Dickson says:

Benchmade has kinda pissed me of with their prices.

el pingu hz says:

Español alguien no okey

Jace Stinson says:

I had a fake butter fly knife

The AwakeningOFFICIAL says:

I’ve always look between the butterfly wings U.S.A. is printed i thought the fakes don’t have it there

Valence says:

They have fake ones made with Titanium TC4

Ryan Newby says:

Umm they are Chinese, ya fuckin moronic ass chatterbox

Shit you girl, shut up; I don’t want to hear your fuckin moral constitution

Digfive3 says:

Can confirm- after ~2 months of flipping the fake balisong I’ve had no issues. $20 well spent.

Dan N says:

Gee, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH….. Get to the point!

luisivichin says:

that is a common design balisong. i had bought one 20 years ago with the same design and it can punch a hole in a peso coin. bought it for about 3 dollars during my internship in batangas.

Jacob Wrona says:

I’d love to support benchmade but they quit making the damn knife.

cobalt blue66 says:

Is it true you are one of the founders of -=BRS=-?

Epsilon Star says:

To be honest, I don’t mind fakes, as long as they’re decent and aren’t sold at full price; I think if someone can’t afford to buy a real 42, buying a decent fake for 50-100$ is a good option, if they want to know “what it feels like” to use a 42 without spending over 300$.

Daniel Boyadjian says:

All of on the comments are retarted this one greatest knifes ever made and if your complaining about the price then go buy a cheap and watch it break within one or two day of you buying it

N4ME says:

Again, you can still play with the fucking thing.

Grand says:

Are they factory new

Neko Sakamoto says:

Freaking Chinese copycats… Just throw the knock offs.

jovan tan says:

I actually liked your video so i subscribed, but then i saw your shitty attitude in the comments and i thought otherwisw

Franz Kranz says:

Edges on tang pins are rounded at the original

Metallica's Fan says:

I just want a Benchmade Balisong, dont matters if are real or fake, i just want one man!

Thats what She said says:

Would you hate me if I said I bought my trainer on Wish?

Robert 909 says:

i paid 5 euros for a fake benchmade knife and i don t regret it

b&a ben says:

Can anybody please tell me ware you can buy a fake one in 2017 and what’s the best price

J. V. Kretzschmar says:

*L E F T I S F A K E*

XxFaTezzDRopZxX says:

Nice intro

SlyCooper494 ._. says:

my cassmate had a very obvious fake benchmade it was a trainer and it had benchmade on the blade he was annoying me and told me benchmade does make trainers but they dont the a few months later the handle broke xD get rekt kid never mess with the benchmade nerd xD he didnt tell me the balisong broke but i saw it broke also he got it for 2 buck off of ebay and benchmade doensnt selll cheap benchmades

Gamming with Kyle Anthony says:

If you gonna buy balisong buy it from the origin it self batangas taal brgy balisong its cheap and quality conpared to the us made or china made ones you can even have them make a custom knife just for you

50 Blades of Grey says:

The people commenting in support of clones don’t seem to understand what it’s like to have something they created stolen.

Likely because those same people have never created something worth stealing in their life.

(EDIT): The one question I have for people who support clones is, why does it need to be a near EXACT copy of the original? It’s not like there is an end all be all perfect design so what is the point of making a clone other than to make a quick buck off of an already popular design?

Slavicc Boi says:

I know it’s late, but I have to embrace Chineses for their talent of faking things

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