Schrade SCMF Manila Style Balisong (Butterfly Knife) USA Made D2 @ $70…Am I Dreaming?



Schrade should make a lighter mini model of this knife, with a 3.4 inch size blade made of AUS 8 steel.

mooseclappin11 says:

But Jeff, Kershaw DID make a balisong. It was called the Bradley Kimura, and it was awesome. I wish they still made them.

steven sears says:


htown13157 says:

These just came back in stock at blade ops. Increased the price to 79.95 though….

FlyBaby says:

Too heavy too bad. Perhaps they will decide to make a product that will gain more acceptance.

Petah Wabbit says:

Long time subscriber and love your videos but i’ve always been slightly annoyed at how you don’t provide a description for your links. I always click them in hopes to find the knife but only find books. I know i’m being petty lol. Keep up the good work!

quantmlife says:

Nice 😉 Funny name nice blade.

Christian Lynn Olsen says:

Would the pin design lead to loosening after a while?

Kevin Le says:

Balisong collection video?

James Mays says:

Beautiful balisong!

I Bird says:

Are you still doing the giveaway?  Either way was thinking of grabbing one of these and trying to flip the handles  on it.

Misticemprist Stafford's black majic!!! says:

Hey boys I need new hardware bad…untold…

cm 7458 says:

I’ve had the Schrade Manila folder for two days, and I found myself enjoying just manipulating it while at work or watching tv at home- love the heavy, sturdy feel and the nostalgia of the old school butterfly knives… but… I noticed that the tang pin is already getting pinched and deforming(!)
So it’s disappointing to realize the pin steel isn’t hardened, and the handles will touch; and will make the locking the handles by latch soon useless.

andrewandthebee123 says:

You should review that bear and son silver vein

Fat Horse Productions says:

I used to watch your channel quite a bit awhile back, but just kinda forgot after awhile. I’m glad I stumbled across your channel again. You are part of the reason I am a knife reviewer on here so thanks for that. Hopefully one day my tiny, struggling channel will be half as big as yours. Anyways, it’s good to be back!

Chris B. says:

The click clacking noise a balisong makes is part of the intimidation factor with the knife as well so I like the heavy design of this one. I’m definitely putting this one on my wishlist.

Heinz Haberland says:

Great to see this

Jason Schubert says:

LOVE that knife!!! I promise, if I win, I will NOT cut off any of my bodily appendages. Scout’s Honor!

Eddie King says:

I think this will be great for me since I’m a lefty.

WickedZen says:

Thanks for the vid!

브람 says:


Eetu Tunkkari says:

I just found out that this video of yours has been featured on a Finnish store’s website.

Dereck Lockwood says:

Video is way too long

micah scotter says:

Like this video

vonkaz52 says:

I have many knives but no balisong. I would like to have one to try. Great review.

Norman Eddy says:


Tom Weingart says:

awesome design! Really looking forward to getting one for my collection. thanks Schrade for another beauty!

MR-FLIP says:

That’s sexy

ebnrong says:

Strange, this didn’t show up in my sub feed.

bills butterfly knives says:

heads up 8 oz knife is almost unflippable!!!

Larry Romo says:


Chuck Remiker says:

Nice knife glad it’s made in usa

Pavel Dzhurylyuk says:

Review the blade runners systems replicant!

Marcus Fry says:

How cool for Schrade to make one of these.

Zac Kaeser Arellano says:

No doubt it’s made in the US since it’s not Manilla but Manila hahaha..

JRideXX says:


Mobius95 says:

I’ve got the same Bear and Son balisong, but I’m having problems with the latch sticking in place on either side of the safe handle. Any advice on how to fix this?

Tony Lancon says:

It looks like Schrade has done it again.

Nathaniel Anderson says:

I bought this, and then watched this. can confirm that you get lots of cuts. it may just be cuz I just graduated from a shitty cs go knife, but I did cut myself a lot

DanSan says:

While this knife is overly built which is a good thing there are 1/16 gaps where bushings or washers would be causing there to be alot of handle wiggle. I have to modify the knife and either remove the pins and add washers to fill the gap or crimp down more on the handle to close the gap the blade sits between. I will be using this as a carry knife (it’s legal to carry in Louisiana). The blade edge is dull. I can barely cut paper with it. Luckily the knife is over built and I can put my own edge on it.The latch tends to get caught between the palm and handle when flipping too. I’m going to drill some holes and add a spring to keep it in place. The pin finishes are pitted and uneven also. All in all what you get is a knife made with quality material but poorly designed i you actually looking to use this as it’s intended for. With alittle modifications it can prove to be a good knife though. I paid $90 with tax and all. It’s worth $50. I will be making a review video review later when I have time.

Lumlums says:

Or buy a fake Benchmade 42 that flips amazingly for only $20.

Kerri Peterson says:

Can I please get the knife

Gerard McFarland says:

USA made? Nice!

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