Schrade SCMF Manilla Butterfly Knife Review – The good and bad…alot of bad sorry to say

Ok, this is my first time making a review video really and it was quite spontaneous and last minute so please excuse my dirty finger nails. I just got home from working a 14 hour shift at the steel mill I work at and please excuse my poor quality camera. I was unprepared because I have to be up again at work in 8 more hours. Also I refer to some of these “clone” knives as Benchmade clones but one is a Microtech clone. Lack of sleep… Hopefully I’ll get better at these youtube videos.

The is the new Schrade SCMF Butterfly Knife. I brought it and was unpleased with it’s quality. I hope they fix the issues in later models. I was planning on buying 2 o these. (One for daily use and one or collectiblity.) If they make more I will buy them though. The materials they used are of top quality and the design is made to last. It’s just the knife was engineered poorly. I was thinking maybe it’s just my knife, but after looking at other people’s videos about the knife I see some of the same flaws. So to the knife maker Schrade you came very close to having one of the best balisongs on the market, but you need to go back to the drawing board and try again. I’m sure the second attempt would be perfect.

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Kayla Galley says:

So what’s better and going to last a life time the three clones or the million floder I just looking for a durable knife I can flip drop and not brake in a day like my cudeman fell apart in a day and I agree on the blade play I don’t like

bret henry says:

im looking forward to see how you fix it up. if you can fix the play and sharpen it up then it sounds like damn good bali for 90 bucks. are you going to re pin the handles or drill them out and go with pivot screws?

Kayla Galley says:

You can peen the knife that takes away play but I’m starting to think on just getting a real bm 51

lilgamerjoe says:

Sorry I cant hear you through your retarded lisp and garbage can mic

MrTom says:

I sent your video link to BTI Tools who makes the Schrade brand. Straight up, mine does not have the issues that yours does. Even though balisongs do not have washers bushings where the handle pins go thru the tang, I can see what you are referring to the pins are not even cleanly rounded and polished and the pitting on on the underside of the tang. And there does look like there is way more “play” in the handle then the one I have. If Blade HQ does not help you out, I highly recommend that you call BTI Tools @ 1-800-251-0254

Couch Potato says:

I just got mine today and China could have done better. I’m sending this pice of junk back for refund. After less than an hour of use my handles are looser than yours. The grind on the half blade on one side is 1/4″ from meeting the point. Also, I don’t know how they did it but one of the handles is 1/8″ longer than the other. I’m so disappointed in schrade.

Kayla Galley says:

See my cudeman I got was 46 dollars but fell apart in like a couple hrs of flipping but it was a sick knife which really sucks, so which should I get a clone bm 51 or a minilla

Blade Kick says:

no washer wtf thats unheard of even in cheap 8 dollar balis have nylon washers. maybe get some washers and tighten pivots then locktight it.

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