Special Edition ‘Spider’ ButterflyKnife indepth review +SlowMo tricks!

An indepth review of a unique looking spider design butterfly knife trainer.
Everything you need to know, PLUS tricks in slow motion.
A great looking knife for under $15, get yours here:

or on cuts website:

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
song #1: Off The Radar 3 |By: Jack Elphick
song #2: Make Noize 2 |By: Jack Elphick
song #3: High Altitude 1 | By: Jack Elphick


SsparnniF says:

the latch fell off mine

Neo andersson says:

i have the same butterfly but my is in gold 🙂

Junhoen Kim says:

soo cool dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carlos Irizarry says:

This “knife” is literally a steel hunk of shit

Furious Mowgli says:

its called a balisong

WeIrD-0 TM says:

i.m getting all these video reccomendations on cs:go knives,there all stupid,there no creativity with them, they actually don’t have a good design,I know what kinds of knives I think are cool

XevilangleX says:

Pure nasty ccc….

jake majetic says:

you’ve had balisongs for 5 years and you can only do that….it’s like you only buy balis from amazon.

Jaylo blogs says:

is it a balisong knife

Berni Star11 says:

Where are the screws? I got a trainer and its wayyy to thight to flip it. And I wondered where the screws are

Nickthehuman says:

It’s off the store now… I honestly wanted it, FeelsBadMan

Angel Cantu says:

who else thinks this knife looks so sexy

JuicyTenderCheerios 400 says:

are you black?!?!

Dave Barry says:

this entire knife as a flipper is a joke. if u wanna learn to flip dont buy this.

AHappyKidDraws says:

How do I get a sharp balisong in canada?? I really want to flip a good knife but the trainers aren’t very good

jayden sandhu says:

i got this one

Lemon Chaos says:

The blades tip is dull.

Miso 112 says:


Ryan Che says:

spiderman new weapon

K T krewg 698 says:

Anyone else notice the 29 on the blade. Like 29 knives even though it looks nothin like what 29 knives makes

Jony Jony says:

Bro wtf 🙂

Thallan says:


Thallan says:


JuicyTenderCheerios 400 says:

what the freak dud i go to the link and it says it could not find the website

Joy Whitehead says:

Awesome knife bro

Prizuminati says:

I have a problem with mine, it’s hard to spin because one of the handles and the blade is not loose enough, but I still like it

big dawg99 says:

BOB please dont practice on the concrete slab that you are standing on because it’s messing up my nerves really bad bro!!!

Danish Amsyar says:

When butterfly turned to spider

Isa Pudiyapura says:

But does it have Stat Trak?

EDIT: It does, he has 29 kills, as you can see on the blade at 0:08

Logan Stewart says:

What is the name of the color of the blade. I want to color mine like the color of the blade any thoughts

Greedo says:

For display purposes is it good?

Ernestas Gaizauskas says:

What if you try to do something like A zen or a Y2K rollover that spider will fuck you up

Александр Лыков says:

Классный нож

Nguyen Hai Phong says:

Is it a two bladed knife?

bear gaming says:

the double bladed balisongs are illegal were I live

Arik Brecht says:

U can get one of those online for $5 on eBay

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