Spyderco “Baliyo” Balisong Style Pen (Fun & Legal To Play With Everywhere)

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Hell's Renegade says:

You got sub just for the fact of saying “you don’t even need to stand during the pledge anymore”

Adam Bowler says:

“We live in such a PC world now” is your warning cue a middle-aged white guy is about to lament some bygone era when people didn’t give him shit for telling ‘dumb pollack’ jokes. It’s NEVER been ok to bring knives to school. Getting in trouble for bringing a pen that looks like a knife to school has nothing to do with being politically correct.

Tenzile Bilici says:

😀 oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://jehejavayezosiyap.tk/?youtubetY_Ta_9

Jack Troyer says:


Osama Bin Ladeb says:

I had one of these hoes…i found it somewere in my middleschool


Blow this shit out your ass mudda fucka


Eh, are teachers Really teaching much tho, and standing for the pledge is still strong at my school, yeah we don’t like it when you dont

MA1911 says:

lowkey looks like a dick

Christopher DiPietro says:

2:12 rippa!!

Mr.Schmidt Sir says:

where do I get

zac ross says:

yeah i bought one of these off thinkgeek. fun for like 5 min then u break the plastic holding the steel doughnut weights. writing with it is quite awkward. if you want to practice in public get a butterfly comb or a test “knife” with no blade

Jorgen Von Strangle says:

If anyone steals this pen Im commiting murder

Mr.Schmidt Sir says:

where do I get

Blkolbs Flipping says:

oof, my man. You had me with the whole PC warning until you made the statement that you dont have to stand and do the pledge of allegiance anymore. I would like to say, that I do not owe my allegiance to the government, and that it being required has hints of nationalism in the same way as nazi germany and Italy under Mussolini. Nobody owes allegiance to the government, and itis wrong to brainwash kids into thinking that’s right or normal.

Yung GOD says:

the tip looks like cock n´ balls when its closed

Meninblack20455 XD says:

Getting one for school ha ha

Archbishop Edmund of Abingdon says:

Holy shit, this guy would make a great dad

Brandon Jose says:

Lol I have one of these and I was playing the shit out of it on my past time in class and literally the whole class just stared at me for 10 whole minutes

Hispanic PANiC says:



I need one of this

Tenzile Bilici says:

😀 oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://jehejavayezosiyap.tk/?youtubeRxUyvKi

ARLO m. says:

I have one of those

Tenzile Bilici says:

😀 oha aleyna tilkinin ifşası yayınlanmış bakın http://jehejavayezosiyap.tk/?youtube_HSEjpT

The Kid Wilderness says:

I’m bringing it to school tomarrow

Guy Guyson says:

I brought one to school and nobody really cared lol. Just don’t play with it too much during class cause it’s distracting.

gianthezzu4alamezzu12scuman says:

Can you buy me one hah. But seriously

GodVilla says:

Ahaha site unavailable.. Welp no flipping pens for me.. Then i rather get a karambit blade.

Davis Singleton says:


Etienne Rodrigue says:

Where he buy this pen

Nepcoholic says:

take a breath u gonna die

ZimerX says:

Is there any website to buy this pen? I would love to have one :v

Ovin says:

is there a mechanical pencil version of this? i dont use pens, and i dont wanna cut myself with a balisong. (also, i really love mechanical pens.)

Sum Ting Wong says:

My friend has a balisong comb. Its fun seeing peoples reaction to it only to find its a comb

Smudgy says:

This is the worst thing since hipsters and fidget spinners

Jaxon O says:

Can I take it to school?

Edgy Kirito says:

i wanna buy this, im sick of pretending that my pen is a butterfly knife

Menlez Dles says:

so… butterfly pen?

Taylor Rewitzer says:

Can I bring them to school? ??????

ben Hockkey says:

So i can bring this to school

nik pik says:

why? why? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Azor Scarab says:

i have one of these and everyone else has a fidget spinner

Canaan says:

When I was a kid I had a real balisong I didn’t take it to school that thing was fun cheap chinese-made garbage but fun to play with

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