Squid Industries Squiddy

Taking a look at the squid Industries Squiddy balisong trainer PVC balisong trainer sub 2 oz made in the US it’s got its place


Singing Duckling says:

oh a light plastic trainer, i might wanna check it out……
*42 muhfuk dollars*

PD5K says:

First Bali was a 51 (ofc). Just upgraded to an 87, the extra weight seems to make learning tricks easier, at least for me. Never thought about a trainer, or even a trainer blade because I feel the more I practice with a live blade, the more respect I’ll have for these knives.

It’s not like you need stitches every time you get bit.
To each his own.

Squirrel Darling says:

It doesn’t matter so much on price, what matters is what feels right for you. But quality does factor in too.

Lucas Cao says:

Hey Lugermonger, I think you make excellent points against and for the Squiddy and I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to improve it (if any). Thanks for the awesome video!

HF& G says:

Can u make a video about a k-bar… Even if u don’t have 1, just ur thoughts then

Reiki Shinzou says:

Completely unrelated but as I’m learnign I’ve noticed I’m brusing on the side of my index finger from the blade and handles thumping it is that normal or am I doing something wrong?

derpycke cakes says:

Now all you need is a ghostly gibus

Dj_Woomy 2005 says:


Nicer Knifes says:

What a latch was on your 87?! Looked weird

Brian Clemens says:

Don’t flip and drive kids

Pegasus says:

Is 1080p60 new? I noticed it immediately, and it looks great

Thundrus says:

2:17 when my Girl asks why she can’t feel below the waist after we fuck

Peppa pig says:

Wow he’s shit at balisong flipping

Animated scum studios says:

Top 10 controversial comments made by celebrities

TheHeavisetMemerInTheUniverse says:

mouth reveal

Benjamin Wright says:

squid industries make vape products dont they?

Aj briles says:

Please keep recording in 60fps!

Rockstar 26 says:

Jared you should check out the new blade hq orange 51

the_rustydoornob says:

Oh yea I forgot to ask u what do u think of the new kimmys do they hold up the original

Rational_x says:

Yeah, the reason I don’t bring trainers anywhere is because all of those still resemble knives, that’s why I’m thinkin’ of just caving in and buying one of those comb balisongs. Because then i’d have a good reason to have it on me, and no one could comment on someone having a comb with them.

Kweenie says:

Why. Is there a grenade on your table?

KoalaKillz says:

For everyone who is wondering when they are coming back to squid industries there is usually a drop every sunday with most of their trainers dropping. If there is a shipment there is always squiddys in the shipments. Btw there is one this sunday confirmed by SquidMaster23 aka Lucas aka the owner. You can subscribe to their newsletter to get notifications or you can subscribe to reddit.com/r/balisong and he always makes a post on there was when and what is dropping

Frosty says:

2:04 you can also run it over

yeetus that fetus says:

Ive been waiting for this video for a few weeks lmao

Krazy_tonee XD says:


Tex gaming says:

Anyone have any GOOD opinions on the Bradley

963 x 480 says:

5:28 Oh hey, that’s me…

Michael Garcia says:

Hey Lugermonger off topic question. I recently purchased a Paragon Phoenix. I’ve started to mess with it and there’s a ton of handle play open or closed as well as what seems to be excessive blade play open. The handles slide around enough where if you don’t open it at the right angle the blade will catch on the handle. Is any of that normal at or should I be looking to have Asheville service it? Thanks.

Frosty says:

The squiddy is kinda like the juul of trainers. It’s not the best, but it’s simple, so people buy it

Mind Øf Jedi says:

Do a video on the new kimura

Reiki Shinzou says:

Honestly If people get offended or scared by a flat edged non lethal trainer its not my problem and I refuse to cater to someone elses emotions when I probably will never see that person again

Red Panda says:

I lost my Boker trainer the G10 one, and I got a BM51-1801 to replace it, but I still miss it SO MUCH, I am going to order another 1 or 2

AS Everything says:

Squiddy is litty titty.

Jay says:

I’ve flipped my 2.5 in public too lol people just don’t seem to care

Yotamz says:

my squiddy broke today after 2 months

Kweenie says:

Like the vid tho

Miski Nguyen says:

What about for traveling? Could I bring this on a plane?

TheMawsJawz TM says:

My buddy flipped a squiddy in a Cabelas and one of the employees still bugged out about it.

Society just has to quit being soft.
Really cool video, appreciate hearing a fresh, interesting take on the squiddy. It is pretty neat.

vault boy says:

The guy has a grenade

Tex gaming says:

51 or dogbite

Matt Baker says:

Where I’m from I walk around with live blade trying to flip it.. Cleveland got more problems than my knife addiction

redxbeast05 says:

now if someone made aftermarket for weights to put on the handles and “blade” could it be just as good as any other metal bali.

Pranav Menon says:

is this just for practising…..if so would you recommend it

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