“Squiddy” PVC Balisong Trainer (How Can Such A Bad Knife Be So Much Fun?)


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Jonathan Shi says:

Can someone please explain to me why a senior brought a live bali to school, wasn’t caught, and was on his merry way, but my Squiddy was taken away after I did ONE ladder?

colbster threeohtwo says:

bali vids!

Frosty 1 says:

Lucas restocks the website periodically, I have 3 of the 4 trainers that he makes. All of the Squid Bali’s are latchless the metal ones do have a indicator of the bite handle. Honestly the Squidtrainer is great smooth and not too light. They’re fun and great alternative to hand to friends and family who are cautious to pick up a live blade.

Osamah Alshammari says:

Are you sure

Surago says:

Yes! Finally! A balisong for ME! A BALISONG THAT SPEAKS TO ME!

Isaac Biggin says:

The thing I love most about this trainer is the fact you can flip it out and about and anywhere, because it’s bright white plastic and cannot be mistaken for a live blade unlike the triton, squidtrainer and mako which still could.

Danny Reyna says:

My squiddy is awesome I flip it everywhere

Supreme Finger Skater says:

U should start selling more balisongs

Jiaqi Wang says:

How often do they make these? I just missed out like yesterday and I really want one, just as a toy I can take around with me whilst I travel (just in case my metal trainer gets confiscated at the airports and stuff)

CB Fall says:

Great Indeed,Jeff!!

Henry T says:

I have his squidtrainer V2, and I have to say it is one of my favorite balisongs I have ever flipped. Super well built, smooth, great tolerances, and good weight distribution. I had a squiddy as well and it flips good for the weight. My friend has a mako and it flips fairly similar to the squidtrainer, but it is sandwich instead of channel, and it has a bit more weight in the end of the blade, and the fin can sometimes bump your knuckles. The only one I haven’t been able to try is the triton. All in all, probably one of my favorite balisong companies.

Cody says:

a relatively easy solution might be to just use black sharpie where the edge would be. it still won’t have a latch but you could tell which is the “bite” handle.

WeepiestSeeker4 says:

Okay there is technically a bite handle indicator but it’s just a sticker

stevinoname says:


KorieG says:

Great video Jeff! I’ve been looking into these since your last balisong trainer video. Question: “Does it matter, AT ALL, that there is no grip lock/closing mechanism?” (if that’s what it is called) Later…

plejaren giants says:

Why doesn’t squid industries make real live balis. That annoys me. The squiddy is cool but..idk. Good upload!

Nicholas Maglione says:

Good luck getting a mako lol

Daniel Candia says:

I will definitly give a try-
Thanks for the informative video

beatmaniaiidx says:

I agree CL. It’s a great “toy” to hand people when they are new to bali’s. Squid Industries has a drop almost every week, If not every other week. Sign up for the newsletter(They really use theirs). Sunday morning is when you get the email to what’s gonna drop later that day. I just have a squiddy right now. Living in Cali makes this the perfect thing to play with when live blades are a no-go.

There Is No God says:

I’ve seen their ig page!!

Pierced From Within says:

It’s definitely useful for learning… ive learned probably 5-10 new tricks on this thing that i was able to do on my live blade after

bbnguyen92 says:

Sign up to his email list to get updates on drops. Usually it’s on Sunday.

A r k says:

Lucas (the founder of Squid Industries) such an awesome guy, makes an excellent product. Very happy to see you get one of these

Grim says:

Upgraded fidget spinner.

Realm Vortex says:

Anyone else who has one have had loose screws and blade rub? I tightened the screws cause it wasn’t a big deal, but the blade rub is slightly annoying and i feel like i get a slight loss in speed. Another thing is for me, i do a lot of stop and go type tricks because i do a lot of aerials instead of like ladders or anything cause i can’t do them due to damaged muscles, but other than that i will say it is too light in my opinion, im more of a 4-5oz type of guy, though the 51 is what im used to as of late though i havent flipped in a year, but overall its a good trainer, though its really fucking loud, squid, how am i supposed to take a megaphone to school to play with

Trevor S says:

While I agree that it doesn’t make a good trainer if you’re trying to actually improve, I don’t think that’s the whole idea for the design. I think it’s more for people who are already into flipping but just wants something that doesn’t really resemble a knife for when they want to flip in public. For me, I have a Triton (which btw flips amazing for a 110-130 trainer, great tolerances, neutral, channel construction, and has a bite side indicator on the blade to let you know when you’re doing chaplins on the wrong side. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it can feel pretty slippery at times) and even though I enjoy it, I’m not always too comfortable flipping it when I’m out since people still mistake it for a live blade, but with the squiddy I can flip it anywhere and people are unassuming of it. Idk just my take on it, good video though!

Youcant Stopme! says:

I fucking hate how those knives are illegal.

Alex Strouse says:

Wow they are expensive, butterfly knives have never been my thing, in my opinion never a real practical use out of them.

Jens van Dijk says:

Wo cares ebout the latch anyway it is just anoying

Nicholas Maglione says:

How is the handle play

3174 jordan says:

very cool bro you going to do some new flipping vids my man

TheMawsJawz TM says:

I know many die hard Bali elitists flipping *Squindustries* Squiddies. But I can see some guys pushing away from these. Wish I had the drive to get better at Bali flipping.

Nicer Knifes says:

Try the 2.5, it has pretty tight tolerances on handle play and blade rub for being washers only

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