Squiddy review


Maxedvader says:

Where’s the spaghetti cutting video Kris? Where is it?

E_Lewis 7 says:

I lost mine before it broke

Hedi Bel Hadj Amor says:

definitely going to buy one to be able to flip anywhere! please what’s the name of the trick you end up your combos with to get to ice pick position ???? thanks Kris

James Wang says:

I remember I bought this 9 months ago. I’m gnarly abusive with my knives, so it split by the zen pin after roughly a month. You oughta treat the Squiddy like it’s a grail knife: super carefully. Can’t really beat it like I do with my poor excuses of good balisongs, being CCCs.

Diego Guerrero says:

He’s back!!

1000 subscribers without videos : / says:

Available again?

christianfire18 says:

Guess what…it’s three pieces of plastic

marcianitogamer64 says:

Ohhh yes

SomeKidNamedBrody says:


Normie Meme Ha Ha says:

The Squiddy does come with the little sticker on the handle out of the box btw.

Idontlikeavocados says:

Let’s go

Jason the overwatch kid says:

Are Balois those plastic light up ones you can find at Walmart?

Luke Almquist says:

my thoughts are never straight…. u gay

Floating Robo Jezus says:

Thank you so much for this video.

boneless pizza says:

I love this review specially when he’s doing really cool tricks

Bladeplay says:

Accrilic’s (sorry I don’t know how to spell it) expensive

M3GA H3R7Z says:

oh and also

ItS ThReE PiEcEs Of PlAsTiC

Yup Kup says:

I can consistently do Helixes on a Baliyo so this is gonna be an upgrade for me

Idontlikeavocados says:

You’re calling the squiddy a triton

yes says:

can i have one please

ahmad Zaka says:

Yaas your back

Space Queen says:

Are you a sonic-kin? owo

GAM3DAY says:

dang you’re good
i finally got my alpha beast btw

Primescape 16 says:


Kileawesome says:

A corvette will beat a camaro any day unless u jack it up but that’s just dumb to do thst to a camaro

darkii says:

what are the names of the tricks you’re doing?

What ever dude says:

I just got my squiddy G today

LahnaFX says:

Lol I always bring trainers to school and the teachers don’t really care except sometimes they complain about the noise. I guess it’s much different in Finland than in the States.

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