The BEST looking CS:GO butterfly Knife EVER? (In Action+Review)

Today we’re looking at some new cs:go butterfly knives from cuts!
We’ve got quite a few desgins to take a look at, including something SUPER Fancy!
Get yours here:

#1: Positive House 3 |By: Niklas Gustavsson
#2: Purple Island 2 |By: Tomas Skyldeberg

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

Music-Free version:


Mythx says:

Ooooo giveaway

Joey Roso!! says:

Can you please do the emerald Doppler Hand washed handles

Super1027 says:

Hope I win giveaway 🙂

FlitzeroxRBLX1 Youtube says:

Ooo very nice papa – anomaly

Gaming WW says:

I got the lore balisong and was wondering how long it took for it to arrive it has been 4 days and also i was wondering if it is a glitch when I ordered it it said 09/01/2018 is that a glitch or is that when it arrives also I am in the U.S

Thedeathstar4 Destroyer says:

How to I get it to enter the goveaway

Asher Films says:

Lore? Butterfly.

Hotel? Trivago.

BOBdotEXE says:

For those wondering if it’s worth sticking around for the end.
* It is!* (More details below *spoilers!* )
You guys have been asking for ‘That’ Since my first cs:go knife review!
And I’m super excited to finally be able to do it!– Below are the links to the Previous videos for voting:
#1 – More Real CS:GO Huntsman Knives!
#2 – Butterfly2 Review + More skins!
#3 – Real CS:GO Gut Knife Review!

*Update!:* For the first (usa only) giveaway Cuts decided to provide Brand new knives!
But still vote! I may use that for the international one, or something else!

Thine Young Male says:

Btw there is a big difference between the Case Hardened design and Fade, they are two completely different designs. The one you show in the video is the fade, which is actually very different from the game.

Linkbros21 says:


glitchy says:

I’m sad that this is the last one

Classical Music With a twist says:

Am I the only one who has a problem with ordering these knives because the credit card company declines it because the company is based in China?

Te Mix says:


NoFoxsGiven says:

Is this webpage safe. I ordered 2 with my credit card and haven’t gotten a confirmation. Its been an hour. If anyone has purchased here please tell me. Thank you

iNoxiS_ says:

Just ordered my butterfly knife lore from cutss, how long will be the shipping ( in france )

Dean Russel Larrosa says:

Can i buy this knives for philippine peso and im not sure if i can cause it only shows US dollar. Please respond.Ty
Sorry if my grammar is bad xD

FIRE3FLY says:

on the butterfly lore, the bottom part or the most visible pattern, is it actually engraved in the blade or is it just painted like the white marks?


What’s the best looking butterfly knife?

Paracetamol says:

Weri nice

Nellie Miller says:

I so want the csgo knife

Naosik says:

Can you show all your knifes?? 🙂

Jonathan Gorr says:

This makes me wanna die.

Eskamle says:


PajBullar says:

Case hardend and fade are differante skins.

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