The BRS Premium Replicant Review: (WHITE)

Today i review a very cool knife. The Blade Runner System Premium Replicant. A limited edition knife from a great company I would like to get the word out about. enjoy! and let me know what you think


RikuInuyasha says:

Wait you mean my knife can cut something that’s not me? This is madness!

GTOCXxALJ3cT says:

I can’t even find this knife for sale. Damn.

spwguitar says:

where do you get it from

Cornelius TJ says:

this is something i heard but i wanted to confirm it- do reps or BRS balis in general come loctited?

XxDarKsHoTzxX says:

On a scale from 1-10 how hard is it to keep that rep clean??

pupmups says:

sexxy knife

DreemzySupreme _ says:

Sad. Can’t find any in stock or anyone selling.

2Jokers says:

The replicant comes with locktite on all the screws except the zen pins and the screws that hold the blade and handles together. Also the replicant is on bushings not washers. This is why you can tighten the screws as much as you can and minimize the handle play.

Larry Clapp says:

Just managed to snag a premium replicant with white handles….wrote to BRS twice as to how to maintain the beautiful white g-10, yet no answer… you have any suggestions?

Clay Chambers says:

Just got the black g10, gold titanium. 2 day express shipping on that bastard.

Andre Golledge says:

clean it up with turps, will probably make it white again

0baconmaster4 says:

So I am considering getting the white replicant but I’ve heard that you have to clean it every once and a while or the white will stain and get very dirty. Anyone actually know if this is the case?

Alan Guo says:

Best flipper on the net= Nardath. Alllll the way.

Champion Vinnie says:

Realistically, the reason the blade chips is because of the latch/gate. But if you only plan to use the rep for use other than flipping, you keep it on. But everyone who actually flips reps take out the latch and gate so that it doesn’t chip and it’s more comfortable. You’re welcome

Lucas Abdo says:

“It’s hard to get it into my pants” LOL

Don Avan says:

“You don’t often see white knives”
I don’t know, ivory/imitation ivory is preeeeetty popular, lol.   Good knife, can’t wait till they are in production again

Grant Christnacht says:

this is souch a good quality of video i dont understand the lack of subs

Almighty Loaf says:

i have the same rep as yours

Teddy Fleming says:

It’s solid lol

Sasa Jugovic says:

If you tell “guys” two more times,you will get the space in Ginis world record book…guy

Hawk3592 says:

Wish they made one with black g10 and blue liners..

PkwyDrive13 says:

You sound like terafanatics brother lol

Champion Vinnie says:

Bout to get an alt premium, white g10 and purple liners

BaliDash GD says:

u need more subs……..

Scorch says:

where can i buy a Practice Butterfly with the same handles and quality of this knife?

Yellowx Fang says:

What does it sound like? When you flip it? The sound of the flipping?

Larry Clapp says:

Hi Noah…..found it at knifecenter….they had blue, white and green…..I just happened to check about mid day, and they showed up suddenly……I think they lasted less than thirty minutes….I understand your frustration… really have to be lucky to be at the right place, just at the right time…..I wish you luck….I feel very fortunate for having found it!!

jojojaykay says:

Is it hard to clean? And when u do how close back to white can you get that g10?

Arthur Fridlin says:

Love the knife! Looks amazing! I’ve been on BRS’s website but I can’t figure out how to purchase a replicant. It only shows the display of the replicant and the alpha beast. Can you tell me how you ordered yours? Or give me a site that might have replicants available? Thanks!

Knifiac says:

man I have the gold and black one myself and that thing is sexxaaaayyyyyyy

Eli Howren says:

Does the pocket clip get in the way of flipping

AL NIK says:

@4:17: It’s so tight it’s hard to get back in my pants…. Classic. 

garrett shull says:

A Mr.Clean magic eraser is the easiest way to keep your handles really clean.

jare0056 says:

Would you still recommend this knife over any others at this current time?

qfina says:

What’s the difference between the standard and premium, just colours and clip? Have BRS fixed the blade chipping issue yet?

its Russia's fault says:

2 best bali-songs on the market in my opinion.

Knifenerd xd says:

5:43 voice crack

Larry Clapp says:

I just got one of my own….black handles, however… they come au natural…….Absolutely loved your overview (and review)….found it insightful, relevant, exhiliarating, and honest. Thanks for making me laugh so damn much!!!! LOVE THIS BALI!!!!

Mike Smith says:

I have a trade offer. I have a Microtech Tachyon 3 m390 stonewashed blade production version. I bought this October 5th 2016. I have a proof of purchase from BladeHQ and i have references many people ive had business with. I have just started flipping again after 25 yrs or more lol i got into late and missed BRS REP. I flipped it its more forgiving then the Tachyon it has so much momentum its 10 inches it weight is close to 42 Benchmade. I want and hope you can help me out. Sincerely Michael Smith oh the Tachyon 3 is channel construction with ceramic bearings with no play

App mania says:

So many voice crakes OMG D:

Hawk3592 says:

Should I get a rep clone or. Barebones?

Almighty Loaf says:

Rene Gomez does the replicant rust

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