The Dragon Tattoo Balisong – One Year Later

Today we take a look at the changes in the dragon tattoo butterfly knife over the course of one year. To my surprise, the trainer has managed to stay quite strong, even after countless drops.

Stay Ripe!


toxic flipper says:

Oh its so squeaky. Put some oil in it. It will help alot

Paradine Cubing says:

I need to get rid of my latch any ideas?

Aidan Woodside says:

The handles on mine got super stiff and stopped moving after like five minutes of use

Sephtic says:

So uhh update on my dragon one… I got a crappy flat one with a dragon print not like the photos… that’s $10 down the drain. Do you still have the link to yours?

Sephtic says:

oh crap a australian balisong user. sad we’re not allowed real ones. i ordered my dragon one last sunday

kalebisthestig says:

still better than the comb balisong

toxic flipper says:

I still have one of these from when I first got into balis (3 years ago) but its super heavy and my tang pins fell out

Noah Worley says:

Iv had one for two years as a beater. It’s a great knife for a beginner, kind of heavy though and sounds like trash. Mines held up to tons of drops on concrete, tile, puddles, carpet and such. Latch recently after 2 years stopped holding, but it’s great for super cheap, buy one to learn tricks then upgrade to a squid so u don’t beat the squid.

OlivierTheGamer says:

Do the handles get loose when you use it much because I don’t see any screws? Sorry for my bad English.

commiemanche says:

I’ll have to get one

Sephtic says:

you should get o-rings for that latch. $3 aud at bunnings for a pack of 42

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