Trying Out The Cheapest Balisong On The Internet !!! (Butterfly Knife)

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Emu 925 says:

I found one for £2

Bosswillgaming11 says:

I don’t mind the colour it’s a good knife because it’s light wait and you can use it to train

Games Exploit says:

guys is it illegal to buy knifes ang bring it anywhere?

random guy says:

A trainer balisong 1dollar 70cents

Me Me says:

The cheapest on is called…don’t get it at all

Siddharth Mody says:

I bought one for 3.2$ from a mall in Thailand

T Ghoul says:

Amazon £1.95

Sirtehbucketman // STBM says:

How old do you have to be to own one of these?

Discouragement ಠ_ಠ says:

i saw 2 dollar ones on ebay

7uyujii6t AQW says:

where i live in a store i found one for 2 dollars

Arko Mul says:

I got my trainer blade on AliExpress. It costed me around $2,50

Miqu says:

1€ Balisong in Wish

Ray Meyer says:

I only have one Balisong and I only paid a few dollars for it because I knew the guy who previously owned it it’s a beautiful blade

BoomBoys says:

I’ve seen a balisong at a market in Greece for $3,30

Elliot Caley says:

I found one on amazon for £1 92

Neikoo says:

Bought a trainer for about 4$ including shipping and Well.. 6 months and it still holds up increadibly well (Ebay)

Jannah Padil says:


Josh Bevcan says: free(just pay for shipping)- $10

Mister Man Person Sir says:

I’ve seen a 2 dollar balisong on amazon

courtnry salamone says:

I got 2 balloting trainers that looked like real knives and were pretty cool looking online. I got them today and the handles are really loose and you can’t tighten them. I can barely flip them lol they are gorrible

Jason Sou says:

In wish for $3.00

Ethan Salazar says:

Issa anodized qtmstr oh my goiii

Moe Man says:

want cheaper? go to wish (the app)!

Habibullah Tora says:

It looks like when I would filp it it would break

Ms.onetrickmercymain says:

Would anyone like to suggest any good balisong knives? My price range is $50 – $200 and I’m looking for one thats similar to the Spy’s balisong knife from the game Team Fortress 2

Rhennier Labiste says:

the only thing i like about it is the zen pin

Legalista HD says:

I saw on online shop is just $3

optimistic gamer says:

Amazon and it’s one pound

The Irradiated Monkey says:

Since he didnt make a poll to decide whether you like how it looks or not i will

Like if you dont like it
Reply if you do
(i dont)

Akbar the car Guy says:

I found one for £1 on ebay

Alfie Snowden says:

EBay 3pound

novatic says:

3 dollar one on

Braedon Werndman says:

I got one for 2$ including taxes

Dylan Nguyen says:

I have a cheaper popsicle stick one

Jannah Padil says:


death dj says:

I found one on amizon for $2

Itz Angelina says:

There are alot of Balisong’s on eBay for like $1-5 and there really nice and smooth and they work perfectly fine. But on the other hand there are some really crappy ones that you don’t wanna buy and there like 20 and they suck cause they look nice but they’re horribly made and the screws keep on falling out and every now and then I have to Oil it to do tricks so look out for those!!

Pierced From Within says:

How can you get any worse than a mcfly? Well, here you go

DeathDragon7050 says:

i got a 2$ balisong a while ago and its actually great!!!

Ben Tucker says:

Try the wish app really cheap knifes but takes a while for them to come

Chaz Reeser says:

This one’s three dollars it’s on Amazon I just copied the name

DORABO Butterfly Training Knife Trainner Tool Dull Blade Butterfly Flick Stainless Steel Practice Training Sport Hiking Outdoor Indoor Blade With Safety Folding Practice Trainer Tool (Black)

Shockinggreg248 7 says:


ShadowCuber says:

its *beautiful*

Owen Mansfield says:

Amazon 3.00$

The Moody Noodle says:

omfg pronounce balisong correctly pls

My heart hurts every time you say it

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