Unboxing fade training butterfly knife!!!!! *GONE WRONG* * POLICE CALLED* OMG!!!


Mr troll face says:

Lol fake knife is sh*t

Steven Franco661 says:

Bro I have the same one

Synx says:

Holy Shit this kid has better Tricks than me.
Nice vid dude

SlyCooper494 ._. says:


Kaavarity says:

Love the clickbait title

Kalem Woolacott says:

i like the video really cool i have the same one but dont clickbait

Laughs 4 Life says:

I’m about to get one and I was looking for a review on it. You are the only person who actually made a good video on it, thanks!

giveme pizza says:

Wow good job kid

Samuel Lewis says:

Why is this kid playing with knives lol

JaKsNERF, reviews and showcase says:

Where did you happen to get the benchmade, it’s probs fake

Blobinik says:

Clickbait this terrible…

rohan Debipersad says:

Where’s the police

Alex Calendar3000 says:

U r cool

meh guy says:

Now I don’t have a butterfly knife but for a kid he got skill

Adam Williams says:

Nice knife !

lostedXx says:

If you jave a sharp one… And if your country banned sharp butterfly knifes… You will probably gonna get rekt…
I gonan buy trainer too…

Sebastian Fedorus says:

Noob kid

Ninja Frost says:


Dik Hoofd Gaming says:

If you get a fcking butterfly get a real one

Franklin Benjamin says:

My knife aka the same knife fade away after 2 mont of fliping


You’re like, seven. Why and how did you get that. P.S. that’s not even a butterfly knife…

MATTREX2005 says:

Clickbait is real


That’s not an acc knife

Savage Nuggets says:

Nice dude

Fiesta13 GT says:

Cool vid but get a dif cam bec i think ur using a phone if not get a mike and make ur room to the point whare it echos

이윤재 says:

You have sameone as mine!

hendog101 says:

Chair squeak tho

Kieron Blue says:

Great vid

Miya Baker says:

I’m his cousin lets go

Jack is a Deadman walking says:

At first I was like he’s like 12 he shouldn’t own one then then he started pulling off all these flips and I’m okay he can own one

Bali Monster says:

Cringed all the way trought

kayden grewe says:

Where did you order it from

Noble Damato says:

I’ve had both Balisongs and I honestly think the dragon one is better even though it’s heavier

Lucas Din pappa says:

Ej man you are really good almost better then me actually I have bean in one video end it got like 3milion visions and I got happy wen I sa the video! And if you keep going you maybe gonna Mabel in a video

Cancerous says:

I have that same dragon practice knife

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

Dude, you got the same name as me! I’m Brendan as well

lil kir says:

Then can I have one of your old one then

Brandon Kendrick says:

Wipe the spit off your lip

J.A.M says:

nice and shit

Slorky says:

also, the knife doesnt “close” because of manufacturing issues i believe. something wrong next to the blade.

jazzalt says:

cs:go irl

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