USA Butterfly Knife – Schrade Manilla Folder Balisong Knife

The butterfly knife or balisong knife originated in the Phillipines as a fighting knife but the new Schrade Manilla Folder is made in the USA as a tribute to the founder of Taylor Brands. Be careful if you like do balisong tricks because this one can bite you.

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SigMonolith says:

latch in wrong side

Nanchi Knives says:

I will flip it if you send it my way I’ll flip it on camera lol
wish the back of blade wasn’t sharpend makes it illegal to carry
also harder to flip it

Matt Baker says:

Just ordered it be here Monday. It’s my first butterfly. I know it’s old school and heavy but that’s why I ordered it. Bout to order a bm42 clone. Sry if yah don’t like that but I ain’t got no 300$

Lucas Conrady says:

there banned in certain places because people were cutting themselves so the linked it to these and then they banned them because people were being stupid and did not respect the art form

Matt Baker says:

Ohio is great. No forbidden blades of any kind. More of a conceal weapon issue

cj cuso says:

no the reason the band is some states is because hospital visit go up of that kind of knife just like how you cut your self not because of stabbings!

Pandataco says:

Are those handles milled steel? For 89.99 that’s a real beautiful piece

In the Woods with Bigfoot says:

I have a Frost Cutlery butterfly knife that I carried as a teen, Those things are such fun!

Austingaming says:

Looks like a bm 42 rip off

Preparodies 1 says:

I can have it, but not carry it. Kinda like my Cold Steel Espada XL. HOWEVER…. I am gonna get one, because it’s cool, cool,cool. And I know it’s gonna be working man priced.

Jim Melnyk says:

Never saw the appeal of that style knife, still don’t. I’ll stick with one of my conventional folders with a flipper or thumb studs.

Anonymous1 says:

“If you need to stab somebody with it….” WTF.

Mitchal Green says:

used to work 2 at a time when I was younger, I have had the bear cutlery ones, and we all had all Pakistan ones, good job, good video, and thats one awesome knife, and after you lose a finger or two, “i’ll be glad to save you from it”…LOL.

Cajun Swamp Fox says:

The Manilla type with the lock on the handle side is definitely the best. I was given one by a friend of my dad when I was a kid. He taught me how to use it and pointed out that you never want one without the lock on the handle side.

Clemens Kindermann says:

Why is it this important, that it’s made in the USA?

Federico Galvan says:

Filipino knife that’s what it’s really called

torch_ss says:

Those are legal where I live. But I don’t have one because I like my fingers too much.

Thanks anyway for the U.S. made knife, Schrade.

cm 7458 says:

I’ve had the Schrade Manila folder for two days, and I found myself enjoying just manipulating it while at work or watching tv at home- love the heavy, sturdy feel and the nostalgia of the old school butterfly knives… but… I noticed that the tang pin is already getting pinched and deforming(!)
So it’s disappointing to realize the pin steel isn’t hardened, and the handles will touch; and will make the locking the handles by latch soon useless.

Dante Loparco says:

I hate this knife lol. I hate that the latch is on the safe handle.

iBecamed Pilms says:

I don’t know about having a blade in the otherside.

Charles Larson says:

Awe geewiz…..I really like that knife but I’d probably just wind up in the ER!! hee hee >;)

Roy Fernbach says:

I had one of the Taylor/Seto versions when I was a kid. Looking forward to getting one of these.


Why is the latch on the safe handel?

Tony Navarro says:

Hey Bryan! Try taping the sharp edges with tape And keep practicing like myself & you’ll be really good before no time.

A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge says:

A Filipino martials arts buddy of mine told me that Balisong is a name brand as a derivative of the TYPE of knife called a ballisUng ( capital U, mine, for emphasis), meaning horn knife since the handles were traditionally made from deer antlers ( horn).

tony sal says:

they were Benchmade hense the Butterfly. congrats on 85k, though, hope I helped a bit…..

Mike Major says:

Whaaaaaaaatttttttt!?!?!? No balance check!?!?! loved the video anyways too bad our lefty government up here in the great white north has banned those knives.

Shane McCann says:

looks like it was inspired by the Benchmade 42. if your interested in more high-end cutlerly, you should definately check out benchmade knife company

Adrian Eyre says:

You’re such a gentleman nice friendly face love your vids too. can i have it hahaha

Alvinar Alima says:

we have it here in the Philippines. And a lot of cool designs too. 🙂

Lazy Man Prepper says:

I’ve had a butterfly knife since the late 80’s.  To me they are a folding fix blade.  If the latch stays or your hand is on the handle it can’t close.  I think making one with a blade and a half is pretty dangerous.  I think you showed that.  Glad it’s made in the USA.  And as mentioned in other posts, this knife is illegal in many areas.  The only other down side is that it’s a little heavy.

Eric Other says:

Flippin’ cool.

Redsorgum says:

Like I said on your other video about this knife, it would be cool if they made that exact style, but in a normal folder. Schrade, please consider making one. In California, we can own one as a collector, but we can’t carry one.

Time Tellers Union says:

Mine came not that sharp

marky mark says:

Have you thought about teaching a class on yoga?

Ben Jabroni says:

Was on the fence about buying one. Watched this video and decided to pull the trigger. Thanks!

Henry N says:

You talked about the Taylor butterfly knife, I still have mine.  My dad purchased it for me when I was in high school, in the 80’s.  If I get a chance I’ll send some pictures of the knife.

Dwight E Howell says:

It is my understanding that switchblades are legal now in TN but I’m not sure real butterfly knives are. I’m also clumsy enough to make myself bleed with that one. I like it just fine but I’m going to give this one a pass.

Marc Rhodes says:

It’s still a great design. Butterflies are safer to store in your pocket or sheath, and their pivots are twice as strong because there are 2 of them. You dont even have to lock it open because it wont collapse on your fingers anyway as long as youre gripping both handles. the fact that they’re illegal is totally illogical and based on sentiment and propaganda and 70s movies.

papaschuette says:

Pretty cool that Schrade decided to make this knife in the USA. I have a question that you have probably answered before. Do you get to keep the gear that companies send you to review or do you have to send it back to them?

Bharley57 west says:

!!!Hay !!! You forgot the balance test. HaHaHa

Xyco's Jungle Camp says:

Thank you for actually bothering to share that it originated in Philippines. I have seen many jungle bolos shaped after Filipino traditional bolos and nobody bothers to at least mention that.
Nice bit of trivia maybe. The balisong knives originated in the Batangas area of Philippines. In fact, I received a small demo from a local when I was there. Very impressive how they wield it.

브람 says:


cfm990 says:

I’ll pass. I love Schrade. I love my fingers more.

ZlevelUp TimeZ says:

It sounds dangerous to have a blade on the safe handle

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