Lucas Cao (squidmaster23 from Reddit) talks to Ben and Austin about butterfly knives. Check out butterfly knives at Blade HQ here: http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Butterfly-Knives–70?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=butterfly%20knives

Read the complete Balisong Buyer’s Guide here: http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Butterfly-Knife-Buyers-Guide–2630?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=butterfly%20knife%20buyers%20guide

Make sure to check out: squidindustries.co

Find Lucas on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/squidmaster23/

Reddit Balisong Buyers Guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/balisong/comments/5n22j5/a_balisong_purchase_guide_for_2017/

Knives in order of appearance:

UNDER $75 (0:51)

BBBarfly (0:53): http://www.bladehq.com/cat–BBbarfly-Butterfly–1823?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=bbbarfly

Bear and Son 114 (1:27): http://www.bladehq.com/cat–114-Butterfly–2423?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=bear%20and%20son%20114

$75 – $200 (2:49)

Squid Industries Squid Trainer (2:54): COMING SOON!

Bear Ops Bear-Song II (3:34): http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Bear-Song-II–2621?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=bear%20ops%20bear%20son%202

Bradley Kimura (4:57) Secondary market only. Link for specs: http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Bradley-Kimura-Series–814?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=bradley%20kimura

$200 – $300 (6:38)

Benchmade 51 (6:43): http://www.bladehq.com/cat–51-Bali-Song–812?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=benchmade%2051

BRS Barebones (7:53): http://www.bladehq.com/item–BRS-Barebones-Balisong-Butterfly–33574?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=brs%20barebones

Microtech Tachyon III (9:13): http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Microtech-Tachyon–1257?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=microtech%20tachyon%201257

$300 – $400 (10:32)

BRS Replicant (10:36): http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Replicant–2436?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=brs%20replicant

Benchmade 42 (11:42) Secondary market only. Link for specs: http://www.bladehq.com/item–Benchmade-42-Balisong-Knife–8961?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=benchmade%2042

Benchmade 62 (12:59): http://www.bladehq.com/cat–62-Bali-Song–1272?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=benchmade%2062

BRS Alpha Beast (14:30): http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Alpha-Beast–2435?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=brs%20alpha%20beast

Flytanium Benchmade 51 (15:56): http://www.bladehq.com/cat–FlyTanium–1829?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=flytanium%20benchmade%2051

$400+ (17:24)

HOM Design Basilisk-R (17:26): http://www.bladehq.com/item–Hom-Design-Basilisk-R-Balisong–36921?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=hom%20design%20basilisk

HOM Design Specter Evo (18:54): http://www.bladehq.com/item–Hom-Design-Specter-Evo-Titanium–33229?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=hom%20design%20spector%20evo

BRS Alpha Beast Infinity (20:36): http://www.bladehq.com/cat–Alpha-Beast–2435?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=brs%20alpha%20beast%20infinity

Flytanium Benchmade 62 (21:50): http://www.bladehq.com/item–Flytanium-V2-Titanium-Scales-for–71052?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=flytanium%20benchmade%2062

Benchmade 87 (23:04): http://www.bladehq.com/cat–87-Bali-Song–2458?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_term=benchmade%2087

Bonus! (25:42)

BRS Barebones Trainer (26:11): COMING SOON!

HOM Design Rhapsody Trainer (26:36): COMING SOON!


PeP Krogsgård says:

Is it just me or are most of the handles on the balis awkwardly squared?

Mawo Duffer says:

I’m making my own so I could only blame myself if it’s bad. Plus I can make it how I want

Patrick Petrie says:

I’ve got all the BM 4? Balisongs in titanium handles.. I’ve got the 46… 42.. 45.. and an old wood handled 41.

Genji Shamnda says:

At first i thought he will say what’s up trouble nation it’s ur host keeeeeeeeeeeeemstar

The gaming assassin says:

When I train I use a live bali and take getting cut as punishment for fucking up

Abdurrahman Assaf says:

how do you even get a balisong if it’s illegal in america

Jon Doe says:

Why spend a fortune on one? They are illegal in most places (US anyway), and the police would just love to confiscate yours even if you would never use it as a weapon

toastmebread says:

Are the bear and son 114’s any good?

Kipknock10 says:

Hey Blade HQ. I recently got my first ever butterfly knife. It is a comb trainer that I got off eBay for 5 bucks and I was impressed. The next day it completely broke. In that time I learned all the basic tricks like the Zen Rollover, Y2K, and the Twirl. The day it broke I saw your site and I was impressed with the prices. I saw a Benchmade for 25 bucks and I heard it was really good for the price. I’m thinking about saving up to get it so I won’t be called a wuss when using a trainer. I love your site, keep up the good work -Kip

Lord Gunther says:

Rip off much xdxd

Tomáš N. says:

Great… Let lucas talk about his knife. For sure he says it is the best knife there is…. Sure it looks very cheap and its just a trainer.

hammerhand says:

The only balis people don’t complain about is the 42 and replicant

Даниел Славов says:

Half an hour of showing the exact same kind of knife with just different looks.
What has the internet become

Mats Pager says:

The Squid flips great but it’s ugly af

froilan lara says:

For 10$you can buy in Taal,Batangas,Philippines you test in front of the seller if the tip breaks he’ll pay you.

p a says:

bladehq has fake sales and aids

QUIFRA says:

the bbarfly v2 is almost here

Jon Doe says:

The 87 blade looks like a breakaway boxcutter. The 42 is the best.

Mark Blomberg says:

Why mines very high quality and I got it for $55

Aussie_flipper says:

I am getting triggered it rounded handles and rounded spine not contord

harry wang says:

Yoooo Lucas was on balisong police 3!!!!!

athenstar10 says:

Why are they calling it Bali knife? it sounded like it’s from Bali, it’s Balisong.

William Payne says:

Spahhh sapping my dispner

michael smith says:

Not going to lie, I’m a little put off by Balisong manufacturers. They complain about “counterfeit products”, but fail to produce items in quantity that customer want.
You reach a point when a “knockoff” is better than nothing. Blowing off your customer base doesn’t build any sympathy.

Christian Colon says:

Why are the balis so expensive

Patrick Petrie says:

The 87 is awesome… that straight clip blade will get stupud sharp.

professor punch says:

I got my first butterfly knive in Australia from a market

Z.C.T says:

Okay, I would fucking love to get a squid trainer, but every time I have money, they’re out of stock so I end up spending the money on something else. Also I have a 32 morpho, and am trying to trade it for a 51, considering that they’re basically the same knife just one is smaller.

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