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Jack Lambert says:

You make your own butterfly knife trick

JustLarsé says:

thanks i am awesome

I'm Qreative says:

skipping around the video and this is what I took away:
Big ups
Even rats laugh
Ill start goin’ nuts
You just dont know
Im Incredibly proud
That would be frickin’ sick *licks teeth*
This is like a movie

GooGee GooGee says:

You deserve so many more subscribers my dude

MyOpinionIsAFACT says:

1:02:15 yes we can see, yes yes very clearly lol no not at all lol wtf can you not place a finger in front of a camera? 😀

Punishing Reign says:

Around 4 minutes in to the record I have never laughed so hard “umm yeah, this is the video. This is it”

Silent Gloves says:

Good Evening, Mr. Big Flips. I have a friendly challenge for you! I’m pretty sure I’ve invented this move, and would love to see a tutorial from you on it. 🙂

DuckM4n says:

Next year do that with a DIY popcycle stick balisong in live stream
If you do exactly 1:11:15 I will donate you 5$ as soon as my parents kick me out of home and I’ll also donate a popcycle stick balisong so do a better time
and I’ll also buy a t-shirt, not only to reward u but also because they’re AWESOME

Luke S says:

I just learned Chaplin today. I got 4 minutes 30 sec

YoshiMonster2000 says:

calvin’s a bit cooler lol

Chimichanga 95 says:

Here we see a man slowly drift into madness….

trey ranaldi says:

I mad it 9 minutes then severe carpal tunnel set in and I gave up

Fireant G says:

do you have instagram?

MyOpinionIsAFACT says:

17:25 exactly where i skipped to. what a coincidence 😀

Jack Lambert says:

Do the sydney payday 2 butterfly knife trick I really really want to do it

Sam Potter says:

You just had to hit that 10-minute Mark didn’t you?

Moon Roaming says:

Who’s watched this all

Mathieu Prevost says:

I got to 12 min while fling the chaplin

snipes 303 says:

That’s no Chaplin thats way to slow

leafer numberwatever says:

You know you could have went faster to be honest

SSMSProductions says:

Real fans watch the whole thing

Jack Song says:

calvin does faster spins tho…

kokotek honza says:


CookingWithJooj says:

8:25 I was laughing so hard lololol

Joey K. says:

Holy shit this is amazing

Hunterrr19 says:

Every time I skipped, he roasted me for skipping seconds after.

Slavicc Boi says:

Im gonna report this to YouTube by nudity, then YouTube’s employees will have to watch the entire video.

media noche says:

OMG that head

E1ITE_SO1DIER86 says:

Question… which balisong are more easier to pull off the different tricks, I’ve seen many vids of ppl use straight handles… but not many tricks are done with the curved style handles (cs:go)

Hmlsc says:

hey now you gotta do a zero g one 😉

Trevor Gilland says:

Like around 920 to like 9:26 somewhere around in there it looks like it’s not spinning to me he’s just moving back and forth or something I don’t know it looks weird to me I’m not saying it’s fake I’m just saying that part looks like it’s not spinning I mean I give the guy props for real

GD Antrogis says:

go to 12:50 if you think this fake my dude

Dylan Fortner says:

Is this a prank because its on april fools day

Thundrus says:

He can finger a girl to death

William Zhao says:

Where the extra content you said you will tack on?

Szczurek Marynowski says:

Xd is very god

AddyDatFish says:

What is life

Below me is someone retarded says:

why is ure voice not in sync near the end

Jim FromKorea says:

you have the weirdest face

Dar' Dro says:

yo you look like my pastor thats sad lol

Jack Christian says:

Nobody can beat the big flips

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