Swiss Army Knife Review

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The Victorinox Swiss Army Knives One-Hand Trekker is a lock blade folder with just the right tool for most outdoor tasks. It comes in non-serrated and serrated blade versions and several colors. Buy the Trekker on Amazon and support this channel: Serrated Blade: Non-Serrated Blade: ********************************************************************* Subscribe to this channel and get an […]


This is our review of the SAK Swiss Army Knife Tinker.

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This is an unboxing and overview video of Victorinox Huntsman The Swiss Army Knife (camouflage). You will see each tool individually opened and described. Here is my overview of Victorinox Handyman: Thanks for watching.

Whats up homies so today I got a sweet swiss army knife up for unboxing and review. So this is the Champion Plus Swiss army knife by Victorinox. This knife has over 30 functions and is extremely well made and high quality. if you want to pick one up you can get it here […]

You feel ready for anything with a Swiss Army Knife. Now there is an electronic version of that- Thanks to Flight for sending me out their emergency multi-tool to try. Crank the mini generator to charge your phone, use the flashlight or lantern or even start a fire with the cigarette lighter feature! Don’t […]

Total Length: 3.5 inches Weight: 3.7 ounces Made In: Switzerland Price: $50 TOOLS: Large Blade Small Blade Scissors Can Opener/Flathead Screwdriver Bottle Opener/Flathead Screwdriver/Wire Stripper Awl/Reamer Phillips Screwdriver Magnifying Glass Corkscrew/Micro Screwdriver Parcel Carrying Hook Pen Tweezers Pin Toothpick The Explorer Plus has the same tool set as the Explorer, plus the Micro Screwdriver and […]

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Continuing the folder series, I look at the Victorinox Trekker, a very popular “just right” pocket knife/Multi-tool. Find them here: SPONSORS: Jessmuk/JX3/JX4/JX5/JX6 Dealers: PM101 Morale Patch: Audible Trial (supports channel): Amazon Prime Trial (supports channel): MANTIS OUTDOORS: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: MOTPM GROUP: TWITTER: […]

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BROWSE OR BUY VICTORINOX EVOLUTION SERIES SWISS ARMY KNIVES ON THE FOLLOWING AMAZON LINKS :] Evolution S101: Evolution S111: Evolution 10: Evolution S13: Evolution S14: Evolution S16: Evolution S17: Evolution 18: Evolution 23: Evolution 28: Evolution S52: Evolution S54 Tool Chest Plus: Evolution […]

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Available on Amazon: I own several Victorinox Swiss Army knives, but after doing some reading, I became intrigued with a few of Wenger’s offerings. I decided to take the plunge with the EvoGrip S557 because it had nearly every tool I wanted and very little I didn’t, which is a pretty rare thing when […]

My Blog: Contact: Subscribe to My Blog: Twitter: The content of this video represents the opinion of Business and Bullets and is not to be taken as advice of a legal or medical nature.  Consult your lawyer or doctor for legal or medical advice and draw your own conclusions. Live Free, […]

Do you like the content I produce? If so, please consider shopping on Amazon using these affiliate links – it helps me to grow the channel. Much appreciated! Victorinox Waiter: All Victorinox: Amazon homepage: The Victorinox Waiter is a very simple Swiss Army Knife, it is actually effectively a Bantam model with […]

My thoughts on the Victorinox Executive Swiss Army Knife. I got this knife for the cool factor and the novelty of a 3 inch Swiss Army Knife. I think Victorinox should do a lot more with this intermediate size category. I do think the tool set on the Executive is a bit of a miss […]

I visit Switzerland and buy a Swiss Army knife (or 2) and walk you through my favorite Swiss Army knives and tell you which ones are the best Swiss Army Knives on the market today! Amazon links below!!! Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Knife ► Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Knife ► Victorinox Swiss […]

TO BROWSE OR BUY VICTORINOX SWISS KNIVES, CHECK OUT THE LINKS BELOW (AMAZON), ENJOY :] Victorinox Tinker: Victorinox Super Tinker: Victorinox Deluxe Tinker: Victorinox Huntsman: Victorinox Fieldmaster: Victorinox Ranger: Victorinox Craftsman: Victorinox Handyman: Victorinox SwissChamp: Victorinox WorkChamp: MORE VIDEOS TO ENJOY: SOG PowerPlay Multitool Review: […]

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