Can Ceramic Knives Be Sharpened At Home?

This video is less of a how-to and more of and explanatory video on if it is possible to sharpen ceramic knives at home. I discuss what challenges can occur and I let you decide if it’s worth it to you to sharpen a dull ceramic knife or just buy a new one.

Link to the ceramic knife used in the video

Most ceramic knives are made from zirconium oxide. They are very lightweight and harder than most knife steels, which allows for the edge to deteriorate at a much slower rate. If you guys would liike me to do a more in depth video showing exactly how I sharpen ceramic knives once I perfect it, I would be happy to do so.

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Sharp Works


ds Bond says:

I appreciate your video. At 3:46 you said: “After an hour I called it quits”. It still wasn’t very sharp by the paper test. That pretty much scares me away from ceramic knives.

Jeffrey Tindle says:

An hours work for a dull knife! I wouldn’t have bothered mate. Next time you want to cut a brick use a chisel.

BT Shop says:

I hate ceramic knives but the video was cool. I really liked the voice over.

ariel garcia says:

Awesome video, cutting that brick man that hurts lol

Jonny Kys-db says:

It was not that sharp.. It pretty much failed at the newspaper..

Black Beard Projects says:

Nice to know! 🙂 Great voice over brother!

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