Can You Make A Ceramic Knife From A Floor Tile?

I was surprised that I could get this sharp enough to slice paper (the typical knife sharpness test), but the very brittle edge doesn’t last long.

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The Bearded Woodworker says:

Huh, who knew! Good experiment.

DIY Builds says:

All I can think of watching this is when peter brown mentioned that if he was you he would probably be making knife lol

msctech says:

I guess the disclaimer is don’t eat what you’re working on unless it’s a sandwich. Great experiment though. If porcelain is porous, maybe you could “quench” it in something to make it hard if you wanted to keep it sharp and actually kinda use it.

Frankie's CNC & Woodworking channel says:

bury it in your yard so when its dug up 100 years from now it will confuse the heck out o someone…next challenge id make fork and spoon to match it

Kayakasaurus says:

Oi! Av you got a license for that tile?

Eric Stafford says:

It was worth a try

jommeissner says:

Wonderful project!

Jeremy Nading says:

The biggest reason why you’re having so much trouble with the file is because you’ve dulled it. Files are not meant to be used backwards. Dragging them backwards is what causes them to clog up or worse go dull by folding the teeth in. Files are only meant to cut one way, even diamond files. One thing you could try is stropping it with different grits of tile polish on either felt or really soft leather. Or if you know someone or where to get some/one, an old wool horse saddle blanket.

marcryptic says:

But will it kill?



Ockenblock77 says:

Cool project, thanks for sharing 🙂

Duncan MacKenzie says:

Thanks for the video.

Justin Link says:

Interesting topic for a video. I would have tried breaking a tile (for example by dropping it on the floor) and using that as my starting point since tiles broken that way seem to naturally have really sharp edges.

Ray Herring says:

I have a set of ceramic knives in my kitchen, damn sharp set of knives they are, cut through anything except bone. I generally just use my s.steel knives though as they are less likely to break if I look at them funny.

ajsec12 says:

Bonus points for answering the question in the first 15 seconds of the video.


Chris Sproles says:

…. now you have to experiment with sharpening a knife with a ceramic tile! You still rock! Love your channel

Andy P says:

Ok, so from the first words you spoke, one would ask, then what is the point?

John Kelley says:

I think it is a neat tutorial and shows what you can make with a little ingenuity and patience. Thanks for sharing this.

Ben Winchester says:

You should showcase every knife youve made in one video. You always have the most creative knife ideas

Aluminium Soup says:

John got erection

Chris Harpster says:

Hey, at least it looks good!

Making Sawdust says:

So if I were to claim I could cut my steak with it I would end up “eating” my words?

Enrique Caruso says:

Yes!!! The master of the grinder is back!!! Thanks for the video John!

Ian Lynch says:

So how dense, and fine grained would the ceramic have to be, do you think? And would it more likely be cast? These are just the questions that my mind took me to as you were saying it wouldn’t hold an edge and was continually chipping.

Boots says:

Just curious, however if you were going to go to the effort why not just swing by a big box store and grab a single piece of porcelain? Who knows, just might have ended up with something even more useful.

Martel DuVigneaud says:

Very spiffy!

I’m not entirely sure but I think the grains in ceramic knives are pulverized to *much* smaller and then the ceramic is fired to a higher temperature to fully or nearly fully vitrify it.

oojagapivy says:

Definitely worth the trial even if not really practical.

CrimeVid says:

And next, a knife in obsidian…

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