Ceramic Kitchen Knife Update + Brittleness Test

Watch till the end =)


Bob the metal guy weapons and welding says:

it broke just like a plate,, but hey 2 years of use without sharpening i would say it was worth the money you payed for it.

Carpe Diem says:

These knives are super sharp and keep their edge indefinitely! Super brittle tho.. Not for anything hard…they break super easily… Just for cutting and slicing soft things…they are a great value if you use them properly…. I broke mine trying to quarter chicken lol

Marc Yray says:

would you say the knife passed the ceramic brittleness test?

Sammi Prepper & Bushcraft Australia! says:

LOL Loved the ending!! Very cool!! 😀

56CrownVick says:

I like the outcome of the brittleness test!

Da Brughhherr says:

That’s a neat knife

wmpyr says:

we almost got one the other day, the wife wanted to try one, I said they are low maintenance, but not for sharpening and keeping a long time. And if you drop one they can shatter. so we went with steel.

NocturnalHD says:

Shattered like fine china back to metal i suppose

blackforestghost1 says:

Hey Duane! I love your vids. I`m from Germany and an old Youtuber like you(but less succesfull). You know, how to inform and how to entertain people all over the world – always looking forward to new vids from you! Also we share the same friends like “weapon collector” and his brother!

All the best from Southern Black Forest, Germany, friend! Chris

Daniel Williams says:

I’ll take it Buddy.

CONN1223 says:

nice video I like the destruction test you did I would have tested its capability against wood or a water bottle or even throwing and bushcraft purposes

Hungrycheetah says:

Wow that’s real brittle.

CONN1223 says:

that is amazing tho how sharp ceramic knives are when I first heard about ceramic knives I thought it was a gimmick to teach kids how blades work but now I understand they are functional and sharp and they DONT CORRODE

Doc Ink says:

I’m brutal on kitchen knives so I just get dollar stores ones and replace them when they go bad although they do resharpen fairly easy. My mom just sent me some high quality knives my sister who was a chef used, guess I’ll have to work them into a couple videos… I’ve often wondered if a ceramic knife has metal in the handle so a detector can pick it up like at the airport or courthouse…. not that it matters I know my collapsible metal walking staff with a 6″ spike in the ball at top will get through

Dean Hohenecker says:

You can sharpen that knife, because I own a knife sharpener that does metal, and ceramic. It’s easy to do. I done it several times. Walmart has them back in the sporting goods. They have them, and yes your knife can be sharpened razor sharp. Great video, and waiting for more. Hope you are doing well…. Dean Conn…..

27dcx says:

All you need to sharpen a ceramic knife is one of those diamond impregnated steel plate sharpeners. DMT and Smith’s are two popular brands.

Artemis Rumbinger says:

You can get a ceramic rod to hone ceramic knives. But they are crazy expensive for decent one. I remember when ceramic knives came out in North America and the litter ones were about $100. It’s cool to see they have dropped in price but the quality is good.

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