Ceramic Knives vs Steel Knives

A comparison between a ceramic and a steel knife.
The 6 or 7 Inch Ceramic Knife:

The 8 Inch Steel Chef Knife we show:

And a Great Diamond Sharpener for Ceramic Knife:

Ceramic vs Steel Knife article:

Best ceramic knife:

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BrainBread says:

How about titanium vs stainless steel? Pros and cons about each

عبدالله العمري says:

ع زبي كلكم

Infandous Ktenology says:

the udder chief knife

Marc-André Gionet says:

Y manque yienk une couple de tabarnaks que les anglais comprendraient pas pis ca serais epic.

Marcus Bailey says:

very well done

Troy Prior says:

Even he caught how akwardly he was saying “Salads.”.

Robin Cyr says:

Tres instructif merci et continue de pratiquer ton anglais tu te débrouilles super bien
Un autre quebecois

David Black says:

very informative video.

drdj69 says:

the way ur saying steel knife can do everything, makes me think ceramic can’t do everything? is that what ur trying to say.

pecfree says:

you pronounce Shéf (chef) not Chief

Anthony Italiano says:

informative video, only problem is you didn’t slice anything with them lol

pierre5325 says:

Thank you sir for your information. I learned much. pierre from New Mexico (U.S.)

Carla Chadwick says:

Interesting! I didn’t even know ceramic knives existed.

Angel Cedillo says:

a knife does not oxidise food. oxygen oxidizes it. hence the “ox” in oxidise.

Art Rosas says:

Thanks for this

Exhibia Auctions says:



I got a set of diamond sharpening plates (3 pieces different surface) from USA, only US$10.

hjuliochaparro chapapapa says:

Love it!! Subscribed

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