Ceramic Rods: Unless…You Don’t Like Sharp? – Preparedmind101

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C Cooper says:

Love the Lansky turn box ceramic for pocket knives.

link2derek says:

Someone probably already said so, but going of the end of the rod with the very tip of a blade can round off the tip. Not necessarily what you want.

Jason howe says:

yup I think you will find a mix of issues when mixing different sharpening methods you use and different steels do different things..

you have to know what this specific steel does, some are touch up steels others might be what they call resurfacing steel which allows redo the edge of the knife..

kukuri007 says:

Shhhhhhp. “Om”. Shhhhhhp. “Om”. Shhhhhhp. “Om”. “You must become one with the rod, Glasshoppa!”

SNOOP U 2 says:

I bought my mother an Arkansas ceramic sharpener that thing is huge she loves it I sharpen my Razer blade on it I may never have to buy a Razer again

Derek Robbens says:

Worksharp are crap it’s a bloody expensive belt sander and the tiny belts are five times the cost of long ones that last ten times longer and yes I was mug enough to buy one and dam lucky to have sold it

Mike Tellone says:

Same as an Arkansas stick or no?

Derek Robbens says:

If you weren’t pushing why dose the rod spring up even so you are right

mark burress says:

Spyderco has made BANK on HQ CERAMIC sharpening and honing tools folks. This is what I grew up on. This is what my grandfather used. This is how I learned to sharpen and hone. These things will make you love your Khukuris and recurves, because they don’t EAT UP STEEL. KEEP it honed and you sharpen less. There are round diamonds for the hard stuff. Round strops are easy to make.

Wesson Liam says:

You should tattoo a grid on your arm and practice some of that responsible harvesting.

darkfire1357912 says:

Holy moly I’ve been sharpening my knife on my stone to try to relax myself for some reason I never knew that helped people.

Fee_ Lo says:

12 inches baby

ken Kissane says:

I’ve been using scouring powder on a sponge to clean my ceramic sharpener but if I can find the goof off wipes I will try them .

Rick Crueger says:

I too, have hairless arms!

Buzz Busby says:

At 1:55 OBI WAN 101

Bongo Brandy says:

Chuck Norris can’t split atoms with his beard. That is an awesome sharpener

Richard Powers says:

I’m a chef with a knife roll full of custom knives. I use a ceramic rod to keep my edges clean then water stone when needed. But, I don’t think I would trust using one outdoors. I’ve shattered a couple of ceramic rods and have seen a lot broken. Generally, it’s just a matter of time before it breaks.

Towerdog 727 says:

The magic erasers work great on the ceramic rods too… Haven’t tried the goof off wipes yet but they seem like they’d be handy as hell for a number of things.

pieroog says:

02:50 – 🙂

John McCain says:

Gorillas and Elephants are both from Africa so it’s understandable.

Sean B says:

This is why I love Fällkniven knives, they come with factory microbevels, so you can easily get them sharp using a ceramic rod

Sheep Dog says:

LOL, your rod is gonna get kind of dirty ….

Ron Byjoo says:

What was the loslobos thing that was mentioned?

William Quirk says:

How about showing how sharp the knife is BEFORE you start!

Vince Serna says:

LMFAO so many penis references in this vid. or maybe I just have a dirty mind. LMAO

Ray getoutdoors says:

Chris, have you ever used .5 diamond spray on a strop? Man, it gives the best toothy edge you can get. Use the rough side of a leather strop and spray 5 or 6 sprays of the diamond spray. Let it dry and then strop. Only takes a few passes.

Derek Robbens says:

Use pencil eraser (a rubber) cleans ceramic rods better than anything

Allen Yates says:

I love ceramic rods I use ceramic rods that we have at the plant for checking the tank temp it’s perfect

Scooter McNooter says:

PREPAREDMIND101, hey bro, I’m not sure if you know this or not, but if you ever find that your knives have small chips in the blade, you can use a medium grit ceramic rod to get those chips out, doesn’t take a long time at all either. And if your blade has a mirror finish, you don’t even have to ruin it by re-profiling, the ceramic rod will remove the chips and you will still have a mirror polished edge. It has to be a medium grit rod though, I use one from Lansky off amazon. Hope this helps someone.

Ps. To clean your ceramic rods, Bar Keepers Friend “soft cleanser” is the best of the best. It is in liquid form, not powder, just dip your rod in the bottle, and wipe off the rod with a cloth. Don’t even need water or a sink.

Truth Lover says:

I like this guy.

Flinch Fu says:

I carry a small rod for recurves, but never use it because I don’t really like recurves. I do carry a flat piece of ceramic procured from a floor tile rip that I use for all of my knives.

dmkccR2ventureMade says:

Thank you sir. This helps out a lot and gives me more confidence.

Derek Robbens says:

Best sharpner for quick results and leaves worksharp in the dust and dose not cut off metal

Tyler says:

I started cracking up when you said “twelve inches” when you also started laughing I about lost it. I’ve had one of these in my cart for some time I kept putting off buying one. I have the Arkansas stone one you showed but, it’s not a very fine stone. I have always loved ceramics. I agree with not letting a knife get dull. My dad would have me sharpen his knives and he would just destroy the edge and I’d sharpen it. Finally I gave him that Arkansas stone and he’s been maintaining it for quite awhile it’s saved me a ton of work. He’s the only one who was willing to keep up on it so, he’s the only one I’ll sharpen for. My uncle also would bring his to me only needing a few swipes so, him also. But, other family members give me these angle grinder abortions and it’s a nightmare even on a wicked edge.

Brad Bahr says:

A big pencil eraser cleans the rods great. They work like new again.

darangemaster1 says:

i could sure use one for maintaining my knives thanks

T K says:

I’ve been using ceramic CrockSticks since the early 1980s. Best system ever.

Marcus Mckenzie says:

I have to be completely honest, have very little to do with scandi grinds, have owned a few of them now, but always go back to full flat… It really became apparent that scandi do not live up to the hype…

estima8tor1 says:

Yup. Ceramics rods and strops are all I use unless I’m re-profiling.

Shadow X says:

I’ve been debating whether to take a chance on a ceramic rod, versus spending over $100 on a glass stone. You just made the decision easy. Great info.! And, I agree: the sound is extremely relaxing. I’d play the sound on a loop, if I could. Cure my insomnia. Only knife people would understand. LOL

Cyndie Jenkins says:

hold the blade on handle base …gives angle 30 or 40

Family Over everything says:

I’m doing it but I don’t feel nothing it messed up my knife and my wife thinks I’m crazy

ian vosik says:

how easy do those break

jelkel25 says:

Yes, you’d use a butchers steel then/or a ceramic rod, I was taught to draw it towards you (thats why theres a guard at the top of the handle) but that method takes time to learn and will cost you a few cuts on your hand/fingers.

Daniel Guadian says:

Great video…lots of good information, it’s funny when you’re juvenile…lol

Britney speed says:

have you or will ever heard of CPM Rex 121?

Delfin Diaz says:

Wall mart on line got 10 inch ceramic rods for 10 bucks. Reduce price.

Kayakwinds says:

I am a huge fan of ceramic rods. Just a hint: do check the flea markets; I picked up a 10 and a half inch one for a dollar. The lady who sold it obviously had no idea about its value.

ken Kissane says:

I bought one from SMKW about twenty yrs ago called the super long John , it was 5.00 10″ x 1″

SNOOP U 2 says:

I’ve been using sharpening rods for ever I learned on those before a stone that’s what my mother had in hers knife holder. If it’s really dull use a stone to get the edge then take some sand paper to it buy a book of diffrent grades so you can glue staples to a stick to get it where you can use the ceramic rod if you don’t know how to sharpen a knife by now you should even be carrying the tool a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife

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