How Kyocera Resharpens a Ceramic Knife

How Kyocera resharpens a ceramic knife at their Orange County, CA facility. Video produced by DV Post, Santa Ana, CA


Eledaraumar says:

Everybody saying that hes a fool, or saying that he nearly cut himself; you’re all idiots. The knife doesn’t even have an edge on it yet…


You can buff ceramic knife with green compound?

david smith says:

To all the fucking morons saying he almost cut his neck….The edge was facing away from him.

Neil Clack says:

where does one find a wheel such as that @1:31 but with a slightly coarser surface?

B KANNE says:

I thought you were gonna stab yourself in the neck at the 1:11 mark.

Tarkusine says:

A diamond wheel of that size and shape (of good quality) is about $700

ChefGiovanni says:

He is a master knife sharpener ! My first Kyocera knife is over 10 years old. I love it.

Giovanni Di Cello says:

Dat blade doe

Charles Hammond Jr says:

beautiful edge. Wow.

jmorales6464 says:

My brother bought me my first Kyocera ceramic knives for my 21st birthday, and I have never looked back since. Greatest knives I’ve ever used. I am now the owner of 3 Kyocera knives (Pairing, Santoku, and Chef’s) and 7 years later the first Kyocera knife I had cuts almost as well as the new Santoku! Great video guys, always wondered how the sharpening got done on these!

homestyle2000 says:

2:28 to 2:30 were the best 2 seconds of my day

Maxwell Super says:

They use an awfully high angle on their knives… Especially for being Ceramic.

Jim Logan says:

I sometimes wonder about the negative comments I see. I have had a couple of these knives for several years now. Once a year I send them in for sharpening. They always come back wonderfully sharp. These knives are not babied and used quite hard in our kitchen. They easily hold the edge for a year. The $10 shipping and handling fee to send them back is well worth the cost.

Piers Lehmann says:

interlacing arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!!!!!

Eledaraumar says:

@Mudux He’s REshaRpening it for a reason. Its dull. He adjusts his mask with it in hand before he even starts putting a new edge on it.

Lyddy C says:

I sent knifes in and they did a worthless job sharpening. I buy a new one on Ebay for around 12 bucks every year. Their shipping costs are too much.Have about 7 dull ones in a drawer.Does anyone have another idea to sharpen these up?

Joseph Foster says:

BYou b

Mike Custer says:

the guy obviously has been doing this for many years.

EZRIDER327 says:

NO hope that was a JOKE?

Ceramic is pretty much useless for impact

Jaime Gonzalez says:

I’m with afcook, I thought he was going to cut his ear off a couple times.

hundaba chikaka says:

Is the wheel going against or towards the edge?

EZRIDER327 says:

HELL of an edge isn’t it ?

ap0lmc says:

do i need the receipt to send it in i lost mine?

Sonia Tovar says:

how much is it to sharpen a knife?

ChefGiovanni says:

Amazing knives, I buy them at Chef Depot . c o m love the red and blue ones the most.

Balu says:

It’s not that bad because it’s a dull knife from a customer. 😉

DV Post says:

Yes – it does come close to his ear, but he hasn’t cut if off yet. He would normally have his dust mask on all the time. I later recut this so that you hear his voice as he id doing the sharening and thus eliminate those parts as he puts his mask on. Thanks for your comment.

Sonia Tovar says:

what’s the address to send in my knives?

pafcook says:

Just a suggestion — before adjusting your facemask,
put the knife down!

ou es says:

I have one Kyocera knife and it came pretty dull from the factory.

pafcook says:

I noticed because I caught myself doing the same thing while sharpening
my Swiss Army Knife.

Otherwise really good video.

J Clar says:

Cool… hand angled

Lynel Simpson says:

1:11 smartest move ive ever seen when holding a knife….

Ian Duncan says:

If I send in my phone will they resharpen it for me?

thebakerman1 says:

Cool knives…

soundspark says:

They make electronics, knives, machining inserts, etc.

gorillaRugbyShow says:

Wow big big health and safety hazard in the workplace. He nearly cuts a major artery when he puts on mask. Esp with a super sharp knife. If this keeps being ignored by the employer, and something terrible happens, the employer could be sued for millions for neglect. But anyways, great quality product.

DV Post says:

Yes! I agree. It’s funny the things we didn’t notice when making this video, but this guy gets that razor sharp knife pretty close to being able to cut off his ear. He was a nice guy and so we left him make his comments on camera, and then do his thing. And normally he would have the face mask on all the time and go from station to station. Would have been better to just show the close ups and used his VO. Good call!

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