How much rope does a Ceramic Knife cut? – The full steel list and some graphs of all my tests! Its on Patreon but anyone can see it. But if you like what I’m doing, become a patron maybe? – My patron. If you hate patron but want to support me, just watch an ad every now and then or something.


Sonnet Gomes says:

Are all ceramic knife quality the same? I see buzz words like “diamon” or “zirconia”…so i am not sure which is which. That being said, I pulled the trigger on a kyocera and see how it holds up.

Filius Martis says:

great FFXII soundtrack

Rangefindergeneral says:

I’ve had a ceramic knife for 15 years and have sharpened it several times, I see no advantage over a good steel knife, of course the edge can’t roll, but they blunt with use just like steel and they are a pain in the arse to sharpen. Whereas I’d just slap my chefs knife across a diamond steel a dozen times in about 3 secs I’d have to get a diamond stone out and wet it and carefully put an edge on the ceramic.
I bought this one ceramic it’s a KYOCERA and frankly because it was a small fortune at the time I was just frightened to use it, so it was a waste of money.

Also I’ve never had a SAK shatter when dropped..


Not HD at all, cuts made exactly perpendicular, backed up by the cork may help but they suck. You can sometimes use them to steel other lesser blade edges.

Avacado Papaya says:

Next up obsidian or other glass?

justice & sword says:

I bought an Ernesto ceramic knife some years ago and I read to the info that it must be sharpened on a wet diamond device and that is dangerous to sharpen it with any other tool cause you can inhale particles of the ceramic material so be careful with that .

convex says:


BURBS says:

I would love to see this on and folders. More so for collection then for use but it’d be cool

Iraya Marga says:

Hope you can test some quality ceramic knife like Kyocera etc

A Ray says:


Johnny Do says:

Some fine Final Fantasy XII music going on here.

funurayt050 says:

Worksharp has belts for sharpening ceramics. Ive always wondered how sharp they get a ceramic knife and how long they would actually hold a truly sharp edge.

Matthew Forrest says:

And when you do these tests do you ever feel the blade getting hot? Not this one but the steel ones.

givemeanameman1 says:

You need to do an obsidian knife edge test, compare what our distant ancestors used to modern high end steel.

BushcraftMtl Axe says:

Beta-titanium knife next?

sam henderson says:

Would be good to see a good quality ceramic and tungsten carbide as well.

KnifeTex says:

Try a broken beer bottle next.

Peter Galione says:

We need an adamantium test!

Chien Lin Chen says:

What music did you use in the cutting test?

Caleb Green says:

Have you tested case knives CV steel? I’ve gotten back into traditional knives and have found myself wondering if it’s any different or worse than regular 1095 steel..

Matthew Forrest says:

Is vegemite really a thing there? Like does most everybody like it. For some reason when you said kitchen Knife that’s what I thought of.

Tripandfall321 says:

I thought it was gonna break on the first cut tbh fam squad. you should see how easy it sharpens on diamond stones and if it can get any sort of fine slicing capabilities back. Pretty solid for 3 bucks

_aaaa says:

King double ceramic knife! So sharp! Please test one of these!

mrblitzed says:

Yeah what I’m talking about

Billy Smith says:

There are belts for the worksharp designed to sharpen ceramics.

Briant Lougan says:

Almost 10 000 subscribers! Go Dude! Enjoy most of your vids, including this one.

fapping2quelaag says:

Hi Pete. If you’re ever up for it, I’d love to see how ceramic would perform with a fresh diamond-sharpened edge. Not sure how difficult of a task that sharpening would be, though.

KillerDeegan says:

lmao at the guy on another video who thought ceramic would break cutting through the rope once. i was right it didn’t break n it cut like normal.

49Giants says:

Yep , I love this channel!!!

Paul Lonardo says:

What was the final count? I think you implied it went over 100 but said it had flat spots at 80. Very interesting. I didnt know what to expect. I wonder if higher quality ones would do better or possibly really well

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