Knife Review : Cheap Ceramic Kitchen Knife

I wanted to touch up on ceramic blades since you see more and more of them popping up on store shelves…


Cristian Obregon says:

I am 14 the most expensive knife i have bought is the spyderco delica 4 combo edge. took me for ever to save for. it is my favourite edc knife.

Dan Schwemin Jr says:

Yeah… I question some of the “pros” that these ceramic knife companies list about their knives… For instance you stated at 7:50 that a ceramic blade won’t harbor bacteria from cutting raw meat… Well I’ve NEVER seen steel harbor bacteria either! Bacteria can’t penetrate steel any more than it can penetrate ceramic… So I call bullshit on that one! The only way a knife is going to harbor bacteria is if there are nooks and crannies (generally found near the bolster, or on the handle scales of the knife where they are fastened to the tang) on the knife that are not cleaned thoroughly after use. But again, this has NOTHING to do with the material the blade itself is made from!

ceramic knife Shop says:

Ceramic knife does not like the steel knife, it’s easy to broke up. When you use it ,you must take care yourself and the knife.

Rich Torrens says:

What do you expect buying cheap ceramic, buy ceramic knives from a quality company like Kyocera!!

OfficialDudeCubed says:

I once spent the entire day sharpening and stropping my parents kitchen knives

SJ SJ says:

Jeff you should have put your shoes on man, never mind your toes cover up those  fresh new socks

Joesph Penwell says:

I’ve had the same kitchen cutting set for 13 years

Carter Kraus says:

I like the tile in your bathroom do u think one video u could give us a tour of ur house?

deasttn says:

It’s an inexpensive, kitchen utility knife designed for the average joe. I would have liked to have seen it being used in real kitchen applications like slicing a potato or piece of meat to see if stuff sticks to knife (i hate when that happens).

My opinion is probably similar to yours in that for the average joe this would be an excellent kitchen knife. Especially when comparing to similarly priced knives that the average joe uses (dull steel knives).

Breaking the tip would not eliminate the usefulness of the knife. Snapping in two would, but very few knives would survive that oven mitt test (all stamped knives would be bent).

Tracy Benner says:

talk to much.

kebec1 says:

Thanks. Interesting.

DV_laeffy says:

could you do a review on a wusthof knife i personly like it alot i use it at school but i would like to see a review on it by you

sih1688 says:

Made in China.

Harshit Gupta says:

Ceramic knives are build for the purpose of kitchen knives only, But I prefer to use the stainless steel kitchen accessories as they are less fragile as compared to the ceramic knives.

Sd Ww says:

i opened this video to see how sharp it is but you only did drop test. why didn’t you drop test your camera?

RaidenLP says:

tungsten carbide blades are good not normal ceramic knifes

I am ill unit says:

You really should wear gloves

RebelRocker says:

I bought three for 3 bucks. They were on sale. I now know I gotta keep in mind they are fragile in a way. Even though they cut good 🙂

Mr Suited says:

Fail. I have steel knives that are twice as sharp, and five times as durable

Justin Koenig says:

we have some really cheap ones, like $15. works as advertised? doesn’t break, cuts what needs to be cut. not hugely sharp, but sharp enough to cut vegetables and meat.

TheVexinator says:

this just drones on and on and on, from tangent to tangent and diatribe to diatribe. This should have been a 5 minute video.

Lintassimilator says:

packaging snob

Nicholas Aarons says:

Awesome Video Jeff. Keep up the great work. Nick.

DV_laeffy says:

im 15 and sometimes i cook because of my education and i always sharpen my knives before use

Rene d'Aramis says:

how can you sharpen a ceramic with a ceramic stone? In general you’re suppose to sharpen a ceramic with a stone which is harder than ceramic which is diamond

Tracy Benner says:

Good review. I have no idea what you are talking I never left a comment, however I do apologize for whom ever let the comment. It was not me.

Inesophet says:

its made for small chinese girl hands. For which it seems quite perfect^^


when you hold a kitchen knife you are supposed to pinch the blade right above the handle with your thumb and fore finger and the wrap the rest of your fingers around the handle, this gives you the most control and comfort once you get used to it. also a review on the capehart brand cutlery would a great addition to your collection of reviews.

CSharp says:

Just had a weird thought. I’ve seen discussions of how it’s difficult to sharpen ceramic knives at home, but has anyone ever tried to sharpen a regular steel-bladed knife on the sides or spine of a ceramic knife? LOL

MrKaable says:

You’ll be better off sharpening it on sandpaper 240 grit up to 1500 then strop it. Check Virtuovice channel he is sharpening a Kyocera ceramic knife that way. 🙂

Steve Snell says:

I have had cheap steak knives snap before wouldn’t even take an edge or keep the original edge

Selinica Harbinger says:

I had someone cutting a star melon in half with my large ceramic chef’s knife, and when they had it into the first couple parts of the star, they twisted the handle a bit too much and cleanly snapped the blade off.
They’re really fragile, but at about the $6 I got it for at Harbor Freight it wasn’t a big loss. A steel knife likely would have stood up to that, but I’ve had to do a bit more sawing even with super sharp steel knives, so six of one half dozen of another.
It’s nice to have some of each, steel for most uses and ceramic for when presentation of things (it doesn’t brown things as fast) counts, or where a sharper edge than steel likes to retain easily is needed.
The rounded tips seem to stand up far better than the sharp tip ones though.

Amritpal Singh says:

I use knives that I bought 3 for $5 about an year ago and they are not sharp at all (of course)
I was just going to throw them and buy new ones but maybe I’ll give this a try!

Mark D says:

Its the perfect apple knife, i use them so the apple’s surface doesn’t oxidize from the steel.

CSharp says:

First video I’ve ever seen featuring a tactical oven mitt. LOL

Nee Guerre says:

Earthenware = pottery made of clay fired to a porous state which can be made impervious to liquids by the use of a glaze

Simon says:

“Earthenware” is pottery. A common word in British English.

Dustin Rodriguez says:

I just found your channel, looking for info about ceramic knives and appreciate it very much.  I don’t know if you’ve done other videos with ceramic knives, but what I would really like to see is the ‘chipping’ people talk about.  Is it really easy to break chips out of it?  If you, say, lifted the blade 6 inches above the countertop, held onto the handle, and let it rotate under its own weight and gravity to impact the blade with the counter, would that chip it?

dale carpenter says:

that’s what I thought hard I’d brittle. you can do the same thing with steel if you don’t temper it after the quench.

sirpilf says:

I was so afraid it was going to snap off and fly into your face.

Jon Evans says:

Whetstone sharpening for sure.

0J0o0h0n0n0y0 says:

Right off the bat you stupid motherfucker, you BROKE it before you dropped it, that’s why you didn’t show the camera follow the knife off-screen. You should be a politician… fag

I am ill unit says:

Owait you put on oven mitt, judged too soon

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