Knife Review: Colt Ceramic Folder CT355

The Colt Ceramic Folder features a 3.4 inch drop point ceramic blade, liner lock mechanism, aluminum handle with imitation carbon fiber print. Weight is only 3.2 ounces, price around $23. This folder is an interesting budget alternative Boker’s Anti-Grav ceramic folder, for half the price you get a slightly heavier knife with a cheaper handle material, but with a ceramic blade that is just as good.


viniv20 says:

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cause i don’t say i don’t eat fastfood ,but everyday or sometimes 3 times a day , i wouldn’t be able to do that … i get tired of thigs quickly , maybe that’s why i couldn’t do it LOL

buck5h0t says:

how do you sharpen a ceramic?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

@viniv20 – ah yeah, a lot of Americans end up getting fast food for lunch, sometimes all three meals. Even kids do that. its pretty unhealthy.

AtPeacePiece says:

Seems like a good deal. The Boker looks a little nicer though. Would you use this in place of a utility razor, say in a warehouse setting?

Tom Nickelsen says:

but will it go through a metal detector? or a fixed blade? 

stuffstuffa says:

is the action just as good compared to the Bokers? and how is the quality, the action, and the comfort?

Jake says:

it has such a quiet click when opened

TheDishD says:

@WeAllJuggleKnives HA yer tell me about it bro, i think wooden spoons are next… be safe Sensei =]

Collin says:

How is the sharpness between the two? Do they come at the same relative sharpness?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

@1IdeaAhead – Yeah, a lot of EDC work just boils down to slicing, so as long as you don’t plan to pry anything or stab anything, it would work well.

Eric Montford says:

Great review but…..”Shlarp!?” Hehe! Sorry, had to go there. *grin*

dragonballjiujitsu says:

Where did you get the Boker anti-grav?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

@TheDishD – Wow Dishy, they seem to take any excuse to ban things down there!

Snicke22 says:


mike honcho says:

how is a ceramic blade be sharpened? I guess I can’t use my ceramic sharpmaker.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

@wtr7 – the liner and the clip are metal, and some screws.

PavlovSandor says:

that would be a good tester for ceramic blades. to see maybe if im too careless for using a ceramic folder. its a good blade size too

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

It’s just as good

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

@hugo2x – They have special carbide sharpeners.

TraderTed1 says:

I disagree with the author. I have a Boker Anti-Grav. The ceramic blade tip can chip if it is dropped and the blade can break on the skull of a water buffalo but if you are defending yourself with the knife a lunging person will have his heart handed to him before he knows it. It’s that sharp. Shefs use the blades going through bone. Carbon fiber vs. a printed handle? Please!! The blade will last forever why not have the handle look sharp for a long time too. Pay the extra $20 and get a Boker.

TalonTSI95 says:

judging by the handle material that seems to be the same stuff as on both the buck nobleman and sanremu 723, I’d say that colt was made in the sanrenmu factory.

SikMisfits says:

This thing is super slarp…

viniv20 says:

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William Rich says:

Are there any metal parts in the Boker? I like you vids, Thanks, wtr7

Brett DiMichele Studios says:

I could tell it was hydrodipped faux carbon fiber immediately 🙂
   <---- Car guy...

sirhorsechoker says:

Damn I want one! I’m too hard on stuff tho. I use my knives for all sortsa non-slicing stuff. I’m the king of putting lateral pressure on a folder, ha ha. But if I was gonna buy a tiny knife, the ceramic is too curious…

AlexanderWolf says:

Nice review. I have the Boker Anti MC and i’ve always thought of it as a gentleman’s folder (I use it in the clinic as my edc knife). Now i want the Anti grav. Thanks for the great work you are doing.

Turf Surf says:

what is the shipping on this knife? I know some sites are selling them for around $20, then charges like $10 for shipping and handling.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Yeah, the pocket clip, liners, and the pivot are all still metal.

DrUmRbOy67 says:

FYI….made by United Cutlery

muddieddesire says:

beautiful knife, and great review as usual! i fell for the carbon fiber look… lol!

stuffstuffa says:


Dana H says:

Great video. The blade of the Boker and the Colt look identical. says:

Sweet blade, nice=)

C Money says:

I prefer to slice as opposed to a thrusting.You can carry a small skinner or straight edge razor hidden very easily. You see also I don’t wish to kill a person so a slice across the wrist will not be felt but the person will begin to see blood as they are punching.They will then run away and I will do the same. I just learned to sharpen a knife and I am so pumped.It took all of a day to get the angle down.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

I mean, those Bokers are made in China too, so it’s basically the same quality level.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

@flystagg lol i know. they have no shame. but they have lots of guns so i won’t say anything lol

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