Knife Review : Schrade SCH402L (Ceramic & Carbon Fiber Knife Under $36)


Johnny says:

do you have any recommendations of gentlemen’s folders for under 30?

Colin Newby says:

I have one of these and it dulled and for the life of me I can’t sharpen it. I have a gatco diamond kit and I’ve tried many times but it won’t take an edge. I can clearly see on the stones that it’s removing material but won’t get any sharper. any suggestions?

nicsye12 says:

any idea which retail stores would carry these? 

Yothegearzz says:

Very elegant knife! Thanks for the knife review! Have a good day.

Brett DiMichele Studios says:

I replaced the stock pocket clip with an non drilled genuine CF clip that I bought from USA Knifemaker. I drilled a single hole in the clip, coated the back with super glue and screwed it on. Turned out perfect and fits the look much better.

MyfriendscallmeAjax says:

excellent review as always

Robert Moore says:

I like the way it fits into tight spots. Also durable for a ceramic.


If Schrade keeps this thing going, I predict that in 2 or 3 years schrade will be the new affordable knife maker over CRKT. Both good companies but this is outstanding!

Jonnie Newton says:

Nice knife not to big and would be good for a young man also. Not to high in price either.

musclepharm867 says:

Great vid!! Great review!!

Dennis Norman says:

Nice blade

texasgreazer says:

really liking the mix of ceramic and Carbon Fiber! Make a nice EDC

Walter Van Tine says:

A nice, everyday, lightweight. “gentleman’s” knife with a surprisingly low price point! (y)

Gaynell Holmes says:

#SchradeKnives  sent me!! I love the quality, grip, blade, craftsmanship and most of all that is a Sharade Knife, can’t get enough of them :). Fabulous for cooking, carving meats, veggies and.

Henry W says:

I love the look of this new knife.  The combination of the rough outer case and the contrast of the shiny, glossy blade is really nice.  I love the full size of the blade and the light weight afforded by the carbon fiber and ceramic.  Ceramic may be more brittle than stainless, but it holds the edge longer and in a pocket knife that is more important to me.  Another great Shrade knife.  I can’t wait to carry one. 

Arielle Florio says:

I was thinking of getting one of these for my dad he’s really not in knives yet but I want to get it for him to take it to work with him he’s a cars sales man what size do you think I should get for him large or small?

chuck derr says:

great info ty

Ian Cooper says:

Great channel, CL does a good, honest review. Would love to have one of these to see how the ceramic performs, and because it looks dead sexy.

t.cutter collins says:

luv 402l and your channel

Rosemary Dawson says:

nicely done video, never had a ceramic blade before, love to give one a try tho, like the simpleness and clean flip out. Nice looking little knife.

Ben Sheen says:

scandi grind 🙂

Thomas Cole says:

It figures, Amazon raised the price to $40.63.

MrRocco165 says:

I really want a new gentleman’s knife no carbon fiber? Any ideas

Ejuss Trisch says:

have you used this knife in defense? whst the point of having so many knifes?

Dutch Blades says:

One of the better new knives from Schrade 😉 Along with the new 501

Erdie5 says:

Thanks for sharing, I may pick one up, I like the studs especially.

Ejuss Trisch says:

you going to gentlemanly stab someone?

Dennis Norman says:

Nice blade

Patti Wilder says:

like the size and quality

Lyndsey Williams says:

Gentlemen’s knife, what about lady’s knife. I always carry one and that would look nicer than the one I currently use everyday. Thanks for the review.

Bunny Boy says:

what is the point of a gentle mans knife? like is meant for whipping out to show off to people? lol coz when would u actually need to use a knife when wearing suits etc and doing that stuff?

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