Knife Review : Schrade SCH404L (Ceramic Folder)


jdbyersclevenger says:

More Zippo Stuff Im 13 And Convinced my parents to let Me Have One !!!!! XD

dudelivestrong says:

Go watch the video: why does cutlerylover sound funny.

Lolol meatballs.

Baconpaquin says:

I love the look of those knife, if anyone finds anything like this ceramic folder for under 50$ let me know.

Michigan Edge says:

Nice review! Nice looking knife!

Owen Dowell says:

It is the SCH404L.  It has a 404 Not Found error in the name.

superbarnie says:

Do these knives sharpen the same way as regular steel blades?

PartyBrocolli says:

I really hate the knife laws in Denmark, we can’t have one hand opening knives, balisongs, assinted opening knives, otf knives etc. Why Denmark??!?!?!?!?!

80spodcastchannel ( : FACEBOOK DUDEJERKY ☆☆☆☆☆ says:

Jeff.. it looks like that they pulled it from sale after only a few got out..
Nice knife.

mark cannizzaro says:

review the boker magnum shadow warrior 

BingCherry11 says:

How would this knife hold up vs thick Shrink Wrap???? I have always hated that type of packaging!!! And now almost everything is packaged that way!

Greg Fowler says:

I swear there must be just one factory in China cranking out all those exact same black ZrO2 blades… I own several (and have seen scores more) of folders with the exact same blade + pivot, by many “budget” manufacturers.

I have found ceramic EDC’s to be more of a novelty than useful… yeah they almost never dull, but they chip or shatter way too easily and are impossible to sharpen without access to expensive machine tools… they sure look cool though…

Gimme a good steel anyday, holmes.


Hey is ur front screw missing?

Robert Gonzalas says:

Lighting looks nice!

gcardinal says:

Hole over Slot…

Rusty Shackleford says:

I am impressed with the sharpness for $35. That is amazing. But really, a “gentleman’s” knife? a 35 dollar knife with black g10 is gentlemanly? Maybe it’s just me but when I think of a gentleman’s knife I think of something a bit nicer, such as a William henry or certain custom makers such as brad southard

shcmoly says:

That handle does seem better than the other versions.

Burt's Survival Shack says:

Make a good letter opener pretty cool knife !

Tactical Ultimatum says:

Thank you very much for doing this. I asked for this last week so I presume you read all the comments.
Thank you very much sand keep up the good work.

spleujo says:

Using the new camera?

Steven withav says:

unique blade to own, cool review. 

Chris W says:

404 not found LOL

Bob Grigg says:

geeze I should have looked at your posted date before I commented. ……… duhhh

Clap Forboobies says:

It’s weird how they only have too down position carry on the pocket clip when most people carry tip up.

Kuba Maslosz says:

Review sanrenmu 710

Chris Deblis says:

i like the zoom in, the upgraded quality shows!

Cãlin Pop says:

I would love to find out how to sharpen a ceramic knife… i have not been able to no matter what i try… any input/ideas are much appreciated!

cutlerylover says:

reply to ImJustACowLol

Yes your comment helped me to get back to knife reviews this week, I try hard to read the comments and give everyone what they want, I would have done it anyway but your comment made the next videos knife reviews 🙂

William Carlsen says:

I want one

Nicholas Aarons says:

+cutlerylover Hey Jeff Very Nice Knife & Awesome Video. Keep them coming Dude. Nick.

Androcles Gooch says:

This knife looks really familiar for some reason.

mattinmo says:

Just bought one for $10 to keep in my briefcase

Matthew Ryan says:

How do you sharpen it?

Moris Martinez says:

I wonder how come no one ever say’s sharp as glass? glass is awfully sharp don’t you think.

MrRRSP says:


Harrison muse says:

Im not 100 percent sure if that is the reason but i swear I read that some where but i cant remember right now

groosha6 says:

This knife is out and available now. Just ordered one!

Harrison muse says:

Im pretty sure that schrade had a batch that had problems with the tip breaking off so there trying to find all the bad serial numbers but great video and congrats on 200,000

jacob aldridge says:

2:50 ” put a parrot with a suit “

16.5toHeaven says:

I got this feeling that Schrade made the error of accidentally making G-10 handle slabs for that series, but still wanted to profit from the error, so they sold all those ‘accidentally made’ knives with G-10 handles. They probably didn’t want people to know their mistake and took it off their site and all, or they ‘discontinued’ it but haven’t put it on their site yet.

This is just my assumption, please don’t quote me on it, thanks guys 🙂

madblackixam says:

Does anyone know if this is legal to have in germany?

KungFuTweety1 says:

was wondering same thing! good vid!

ImJustACowLol says:

Hey man, Thanks for uploading knife reviews again! Not sure if it is in response to my comment, but I do like it anyways!

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