Knife Review : “Zing Blade” (Folding Ceramic Kitchen Knife) @ $10


Phafanapolis says:

I don’t understand why you would WANT a folding kitchen knife. Just more places for crud to get into, harder to clean, etc. It’s like they’re purposely hindering the benefits of a ceramic kitchen blade.

Caligula says:

Do you have any good recommendations for ceramic kitchen knives? I’m thinking about buying a set from Kyocera.

Schmidt54 says:

I dislike ceramic knives. Hard and brittle instead of flexible, chip out easily, pain in the ass to sharpen, they can break if they fall from the kitchen counter, besides not being magnetic they have no advantage over steel blades (if being non magnetic is a feat). Yeah no rust issues for sure, but the whole point about bacteria I don’t buy. What kind of food are you cutting if you have concerns about that? Rotten meat? And odor transfer? Those are signs of bad kitchen hygiene rather than the fault of the material used, it is merely a stunt to scare ppl into buying. Hot water and soap as well as slightly abrasive sponge take care of it or if you want to go the full way, alcohol. Surgeons use steel usually for scalpels, if it was any concern hygienically they would stop using it. Wash hands with soap, wash tools with soap + hot water and live on, don’t fall to the “stupid scared housewife” meme.

Shir Nami says:

Best airport knife

Austin Brown says:

sling blade my favorite movie ever! lol

pinkiewerewolf says:

After culinary school I bought myself a Boker Ceramic Santoku. My first restaurant job one of the guys broke the blade on the SS table top because he just wasn’t smart enough to use a cutting board.

Christian Turner says:

KNIFE REVIEWS, EVERYWHERE, ITS GLORIOUS, lol but I really do enjoy knife reviews better than vlogs, and I love the vlog

Will C says:

cool, I ordered one off ebay 2 weeks ago.

Jelte Goemans /HannahBB13asvvga3/ says:

this is the perfect knife to smuggle into a plane 😉

ammattilainen90 says:

your vids dont show up on my subbox

Abigail Zimmer says:

$10?? I got these from one of those straight-from-China sites for $1. It’s actually better than I expected.

Vulgora says:

why not meat?

SevereTstormFan says:

Haha it has a 100% higher price than the Walmart Ozark trail blade and is lower quality.

Christian Turner says:

oh im famailar with cermaic, dropped a cermaic knife once, it just shattered like glass

Mr Spookz says:

Want to see a magic trick? 7:45

Jake Gifford says:

French fried potaters and mustard

Krab says:


tommylabors _ says:

good for cuttin them french fried potaters

SpasmFingers says:

I’ll probably get this, I mainly edc for food, I hava a para 2 now but its in all black and I want something that doesn’t look at all like a weapon

Christian Turner says:

I have NEVER seen a folding kitchen or gardining tool, its always been thin fixed blade

3174 jordan says:

cool little bad boy

Scott G says:

I received one of these knives as a gift with an order. It is just as you demonstrated. The blade is small, but it is a cheap introduction to ceramic blades.

islanddoc90 says:

Y’know, I just had a look at this on Amazon. One of these is 8 bucks, not bad. Search for “ceramic folding knife” and go to the bottom of the page though… And there are 4 of the very same knives in a bundle (not same brand but identical otherwise) in different colours, for 9 bucks. Add shipping and it’s 15 bucks for 4. I couldn’t resist and just bought a set. Why not, right? Thanks for introducing me to this folding ceramic knife stuff Jeff, didn’t know it existed!

Frequent RAGE! says:

7:47 Woah I didn’t know you were a magician you mad the knife disappear

llkkjgg 973 says:

Cutlerylover, thanks for he review you saved my butt. I was going to buy this as a small pocket knife for camping. Then my main knife broke so I was just going to bring this one being my only knife, but I had no idea that it was ceramic so I decided to buy another small affordable knife. I used this small knife a ton and I know this knife would break on my first task when I needed a knife and I would not have had a good weekend without this video

Moaz A says:

any body wants knife then contact me

Don O says:

You know the old ladies love that flavored penis! Wait…did u say “peanuts”?¿

Hissatsu5 says:

It’s not just cheep steel

Newland Knives says:

This would be great for airline carry, as it would not be picked up by TSA. Woops did i just say that

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