kyocera ceramic knife review



shades2 says:

Yep, that thing is hell sharp.

Jan Biernacka says:

DAMM UR FINGERS BRO!! take care says:


thanks for the comment. Im aware of that, and it’s not the way I slice, I always use the knuckles as a wall for the knife thus keeping finger tips more in, out of harm, but that would mean you wouldn’t see the knife cutting, the way the camera was positioned.

But thanks for the comment, it is dangerous and NOT the correct cutting method.

lowspeed says:

Seems like it’s not heavy enough to have nice control over it says:


Its a great knife both for experienced and non experienced cookers for small to medium tasks

mo Sushi says:

If you happen to be a Sushi Chef or Knive Expert in general, you can resharpen by using diamond powder on certain Whetstones. If you are good @ sharpening, try!
But there is a 10€ + shipping resharpening service from the Manufacturer to get the knive back to near original shape 😉
But if you DO NOT dismantel the knife like the OP, it will stay sharp for a loong time.
NEVER move any knife sideways!

wyzyrddrummer says:

learn some knife skills … I’m surprised you haven’t chopped your fingers off. You set a dangerous example!

Karen Rotrust says:

I’ve had ceramic knives for years, and easily Dalstrong produces the best, at half the price of Kyocera. I have had two Dalstrong Infinity Blades and a 7″ Kyocera. Still prefer steel overall however.

Adrian K. says:

I wonder why ur using a paring knife. Shouldn’t it be easier to use a chef knife

apan apansson says:

The question is why are you using a peeling knife

TakeSomeAdvice says:

I’d say that old onions are the most difficult and really put the knife to a test. It’s the outer skin and such. Also chopping 3 carrats along side each other is hard to do unless you have a heavy cleaver.. that’s also a very good test. Fresh onions are easy to cut… tomatoes.. meh.. any new knife these days can cut that.. in the old days things were different. The last 10 years there has been a ‘revolution’ in cutlery/cookware quality.. especially with price. Kitchenaid needs a timer shutoff.

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