Kyocera ceramic knife vs. full beard (The worlds second ceramic shave video)

Tom Blodgett of Jendeindustries found a way to unleash hidden powers inside Kyoceras ceramic knives, it turned out they can infact be turned into objects that is easily as sharp as the most well-honed straight razor.

Here is a link to Tom’s first video, where he explains exactly how he did it & what he used to make it freakishly sharp.

It was a whole bunch of fun trying out this knife, impressively easy & comfortable to just wipe away several months worth of beard.

I’ll give ya’ll a little hint, Blodgett for 2016 ;D


the prophet ez1 says:

I uploaded a video tonight showing me shaving my beard with a used Mora knife. It’s called, “Must See! Man shaves beard with used Mora knife”.

RegisteredGamer says:

When I saw the thumbnail I thought you were a convict!

Crispy PuNk3 says:

Actually a ceramic knife is made of zirconium oxide which when kilned makes a high strength material capable of achieving extreme sharpness, but is’t one weakness in high and extreme shock. Also the makers Kyocera infuse metal partials so terrorist won’t be sneaking it onto planes.

Chad Kovac says:

kyocera needs to start making straight razors!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

are you sure you didn’t apply NAIR first? if not…this knife is ammmmazzzing.

Warsama Siciid says:

No more dollar shave

TheWestsideroller says:

Nice knife

جوله انستجرامه says:

العربي لايك

Gorami says:

Look like a younger Stone Cold Steve Austin FUCK YEAH

T D says:

nice 😉 aloha

Kadir Bülbül says:

is this worth it to shave this beautiful beard

Manuel Medina says:

good bye Guilette,preferred to see a woman shaving her legs

riey Fuster says:

Name of the background song?

Dorina Beszteri says:

I think for a moment that you shave your face off lol

Brad Buckner says:

THAT is sharp.

maaaaaaaaarcel says:

So would you recommend this over a classic straight edge?

2grit 4u says:

they are crazy sharp but brittle.

Blake Oshag says:

What a twat. Hahaha. Nerd

Bob Winkler says:

i own two of these and now i know i can sharpen my ceramics back to their original. sharpness. thanks

Alejandro costello says:

A Kyocera on your neck! you’re crazy…

ElectricBlake says:

better than a gilette remove half the skin on someones face before they felt anything

True Leggott says:

you look kinda like John malkovich

rota m8 says:

settle down stone cold

BLProductions says:

fuck the video is too orange

LOrd of bEES says:


Skill Builder says:

3.18 I thought you might take your ear off. Vincent Van Gogh

RomGuru says:

His ears are more red than the knife’s handle

osmin rivera says:

Wow very impressive

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