My New Chef’s Knife Shan Zu Ceramic

SHAN ZU Ceramic Knife Zirconium Blade
Made of Healthy Material: FDA SGS APPROVAL, NON-Pb, NON TOXIC, ACID-RESISTANCE. Made of high-tech refined Zirconium Oxide, free of rust, chemical reaction. Effectively become your healthy guard, end the bacterial growth from the first line
Razor-Sharp Edge: delicate design for precision slicing and dicing, long-term retention of the ultra-sharpness, no need of sharpening. Only Hand Wash or Dry with Kitchen Towel
Ergonomic Knife Handle: ergonomic black handle smooth comfort within your hand, special non-slip material ensures a solid pleasant grip, delicate seamless combination technology guarantee kitchenware safety
Size: Knife Blade: 8 inch Knife Handle: 4.7 inch Blade Width: 1.7 inch Gift Box: 15 inch Knife Sheath: 8.6 inch Knife Total: 12.7 inch.

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BAT BAT says:

But can it cut bacon?

Brad Richards says:

The first cut is the deepest….

Kurt V says:

Respect the Mammana

Dennis Dowd says:

Surely a beautiful looking knife. I am going to be counting your fingers for the next couple of weeks though. 🙂

chesh kat says:

I bought my food processor, thinking I’d just use it no matter what needed to be chopped, diced, grated or shredded. It’s overkill for small amounts of food, so I gave in and got new knives last year. It is amazing how different it is to cut with quality sharp knives. Now cutting food is no longer a chore, and I don’t cut myself like I used to. You are right that you have to respect the knife and how sharp it is.

Never put your quality knives in the sink. I try to wash mine by hand immediately after use. Then hand dry and put away in the knife block.

How long do you think it will be before you can chop an entire onion in just 5 seconds, Rick?

Scott Thompson says:

did the chef knife work good Rick

USNVA11 says:

A friendly tip Rick. Curl your fingers using the tips to hold the object you are cutting. Use the back of your fingers as a guide for the blade as you slice. No more cut fingers ! P.S. – nice freaking knife !

Melissa Adams says:

can you post the site you got it from? it is a beauty beauty​!

Laurie'spassions! says:

Ok I got a chanllenge for you and for you it should be a piece of cake! Try eating the Korean spicy ramen noodle challenge! I want to but I am chicken but if I see you eat it I will buy it on Amazon and try it! I will even say you can drink some water or milk while eating! Come on, maybe even do two packages, just remember you have to pour the water out, it is not a soup dish. I saw one couple do that and it was too easy for them, I don’t think they really felt the “burn” LOL! Chanllenge on?

james Carpinelli says:

Be careful with these Ceramic knives!! They are sharp like a razor blade! I have a couple of them and they do cut well, I did drop one on the floor and the blade broke in pieces! and it wasn’t suppose to break like that either. Just FYI.

James Hall says:

You are NINJA, with great knives comes great responsibility. And much YUM…

Jilly InCali says:

Beautiful knife, too sharp for me. I have had experience with really sharp knives, OUCH!

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