Review: Schrade ceramic folding knives /w carbon fiber handle (SCH405 and SCH402L)

*** Specifications ***

Blade material: Zirconium dioxide (Zirconia)
Handle material: Carbon fiber
Lock: Liner


Length (closed): 8 cm (3.15 in)
Overall length: 14 cm (5.5 in)
Weight: 37 g ( 1.3 oz)


Length (closed): 10.8 cm (4.25 in)
Overall length: 19.5 cm (7.6 in)
Weight: 62 g ( 2.2 oz)

*** Pros / Cons ***

+ Very sharp out of the box
+ Excellent long-term edge retention
+ Good, ergonomic design, comfortably smooth handle
+ Well suited for cutting food (anti-bacterial, no stain, no metallic taste or smell)

– Limited to light cutting (ceramic blades are more brittle than steel)
– Nitpicks: Belt clip one-position only, lock and pivot on the SCH405 not as smooth

*** Verdict ***

If you keep the limitations of a ceramic blade in mind, these are great folders for light everyday tasks. They are very sharp and will remain so for a long time, depending on the use possibly even a couple of years without having to re-sharpen them.

The only issue is that they could break when dropped or the edge could chip if any tough or hard material is cut. Even something like cutting a plastic blister pack could be a potential risk.

Otherwise these are well made and useful knives in my opinion, and quite affordable too, good quality for the money.

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Greg Bezanson says:

The larger knife looks very similar to the gent I by Böker (Magnum – their Chinese manufactured line). The blade shape is near identical; the tapering point makes far more sense on a steel blade. I’d actually like to see a Böker review or two, the closest I’ve seen on this channel was talking about a knock-off.

Tony Atzen says:

Is ceramic good for cardboard?

garret lightfloor says:

Patrick. why would you do that with a folder zirc


i feel bad for telus

Francisco Gamboa says:

The tactical/black/agressive looks kinda work against the material of the blade…

CliventheTraveller says:

I used to live outside Ellenville, where Schrade was partly based, and had a gf who had worked there.   She said their quality was usually good, but dropped to trash if the item was pushed out on deadline, as then they threw untrained ppl on the machines.  She flattened her thumb on such a day.

BlankPicketSign says:

Is this blade good for cutting cardboard boxes?
Cardboard EATS UP my edge and I’m wondering if this blade is strong enough to handle thick grocery store boxes.

NeoAcario says:

I’ve never used a ceramic knife before… but edge retention?  How well would a ceramic knife work for gutting and dressing a deer?  Hunting season is now over, but I had to sharpen my buck knife for each deer.

Cloned Carnage says:

In my opinion I like the feel of a cold piece of steel and/or wood in my hand. A nice thick blade and thin handles are the two primary desires I have when buying a knife.

Lord JS says:

I’ve never owned a knife with a blade made of that material, but I guess some people like it. Personaly I prefer a large high quality fixed blade knife with a carbon steel blade. Everyone like what they like and that’s totally okay.

gary851 says:

uuu ceramic blade.. bad.

Aaron Volz says:

I like this knife but probably end up using it as a beautiful ceramic rod XD

Liono liony says:

my dad actually has that knife, its just uber light compared to the knives ive owned…I love the sharpness I just don’t prefer ceramics, I like the cheaper steel ones that I don’t worry about just using in more abusive manners if needed, since they are easy to replace.

deathstrike1222 says:

Hey Skall, do you have a link to that kitchen knife? It sounds like it would be an awesome gift.

iota-09 says:

i like the look of it, and i like the whole idea behind ceramic blades, but a folding knife made of ceramic? that doesn’t make much sense, considering folding knives are more often used for hard work compared to standard knives, edge retention is good sure, but it doesn’t matter when you can’t cut anything harder than a piece of fresh parmesan without risking to break the knife itself.

Thain Howell says:

thank you for the review, i bought the 402L for an everyday carry and i love it.

TheDisturbed6666 says:

I’d like to see one of these faring against something other than paper. They might be lightweight but for everyday usage I think they simply lack the toughness. And while sharpness and a good edge retention are essential for all blades a certain flex is also required.

Nomad says:


Iammightymeaty says:

Thank you so much for reviewing this. I think I’ve found my next folder.

Jared Blackburn says:

I don’t think I’d be carrying one of those personally.  I’d like to get some ceramic knives to keep safely in the kitchen someday.  But for a pocket knife I’d definitely prefer something more sturdy and durable.

Cl Lyman says:

Would I really want to carry such a fragile knife on a “daily carry” basis?

Liam Vertal says:

Hm, I have this knife and after a bit of use it’s started squeaking when opened and closed.  Anybody have any suggestions?

Player Review says:

The plus side is that they’ll never rust.

Ray Jackson says:

I have a Zirconium Dioxide stone I use for sharpening. I dropped it once. A chip broke off the corner that flew 10 feet across the room and embedded into the wall.

axel bla says:

Für alle in Deutschland (und evtl. in der Nähe):
Falls ihr die haben wollt Schrade aber nicht lieferbar ist gibt es von Böker sehr, sehr ähnliche. ID vom großen: 01BO036, andere vlt. auf Bestellung bei einem Händler eures Vertrauens 😉

For everybody in any country, in which Schrade isn’t available in the shops and Böker is: Böker has quite similar knifes. ID of the big one: 01BO036, for the others you might need to ask if they could find and/or order them for you.

sanshinron says:

Cutting cheese not recommended? Come on, I cut through chicken joints with ceramic knife no problem.

HiddenDead X says:

Can i get that knife shipped to the netherlands?

Edwin Fields says:

Hey Skall. What is your opinion on Cold Steel? Foreign made crap or underrated?

spammed999 says:

review ballistol

Alan Evans says:

I had a ceramic kitchen knife that snapped whilst cutting food, I had to throw the food away because I did not want to risk swallowing any ceramic shards. I now stick with steel, much safer.

spaceangelfish says:

A shame it only ships free to the US and Canada. It would be double the price to ship to where I live.

James McDonald says:

lol I wanna see if you can get through air port security with this?

bren cav says:

The only problem with carbon fibre and why I wouldn’t get a carbon fibre handled knife is.
When you scratch, damage, drop carbon fibre it will eventually reveal the carbon fibres, these are irritating, and stick in, causing irritation for a while after exposure; a preeeetty damn terrible characteristic for a knife handle and quite throwaway.

ablationer says:

Ceramic plate armor

James Cutler says:

So my 2 cents worth and opinion is that it would work exceptionally well as a sort of “edc” knife, carried around to perform daily tasks like open boxes and the like. But due to the brittleness of the ceramic, would it not be as suitable in use as a camp or outdoor knife?

CoverOner 1 says:

skall i could realy appreciate your opinion on the FOX israel kapap knife 🙂

Cody Edwards says:

you often mention the difficulty of opening a folding blade with one hand, I would like to mention that this is done intentionally due to the fact that some countries eg. my home Australia, have laws against carrying knives that can be opened with one hand along with fixed blade knives.

mutantdylan says:

Very nice review. In depth even.

I would love a test of some sort. 

slocal75 says:

So, assuming I’m not using the knife to pry open paint cans, is the blade tough enough to carry around as a daily use pocket knife?  This seems strange to me since I have a couple ceramic knives in the kitchen; I dropped on in the sink one time, and it chipped… from a 1 foot fall.  Thoughts?

Martin Ahlman says:

I’m going old and grumpy and therefore: More VIKINGS and less modern knives. Please?

ComputerBuild123 says:

I have the larger one, and I’ve found it’s level of sharpness to be unimpressive… it’s ok but I sharpened all my regular knives to be much sharper.

Catter Peener says:

Skall (or anyone else who wants to give their opinion)
I’m looking into buying a Karambit. Where should I look to buy from?

Jordan Oakley says:

I would like to see one made with no metal materials used, making it metal detector safe

Tony Atzen says:

Wait, it cost 35$?
Excuse me while I go place an order. Gonna fit nicely in my small but growing collection.

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