Schrade SCH402 Ceramic Knife Review

The SCH402 is my first ceramic blade, and I have to say that it is impressive for the price point. The ceramic is very sharp and has kept its edge very well. The carbon fiber handles are a nice touch making it very lightweight. If you want to try out a ceramic blade and not brake the bank, this might be the blade to try.


Joe Roy says:

Very interesting knife great review! My mom just got a set of ceramic kitchen knives and she loves them very sharp she got cut just reaching in to get one

Steve Anderson says:

how do you sharpen it

Lintassimilator says:

That’s cute, I bought a $5 ceramic folder fruit knife from ebay that cuts better than this.

MrLeonidas0001 Tactical Adventures says:

Cool EDC knife! Super good review man. Too bad no tip up carry.

Epichrisguy says:

Hey man, I just wanted to say I love your videos and think you deserve more subscribers.

Yannick Bislin says:

i’ll get one soon to replace my current carry in the hospital. right now i’m using a ceramic friction folder. it is absolutely sufficient for what i use it for but i want a locking blade and a clip 😉 nice review, thanks!

abner galdos says:

Q: how do you sharpen the ceramic knife ?

Q: I hear ceramic knives are easy to brake.

Love the vid.

Ryan Holzer says:

Have you sharpened it yet? Do you use the same sharpening media as you would for a steel knife (ex: ceramic rods, diamond stone, etc.)?

shcmoly says:

Schrade, Boker, Colt, Timberline, Stone River, all seem to have this blade in their lineup from time to time, as if one large generic manufacturer is making them all and just stamping a different name on it.
Manufacturer only sharpened I believe, and if you drop it the blade can shatter.

W.J. Kelly says:

Thanks, Schrade rocks, and so do you. Great vid.

Jarhead6 says:

Nice bro! I do love this company! 

Gun Enthusiast says:

Great review!!! That’s a cool knife.

kirk nyman says:

Albeit rather tacky, a little skateboard tape over the thumb stud might be in order.

Dean O says:

great review

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