Schrade SCH402L Ceramic Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

Blade Length: 3.5 inches
Blade Material: Ceramic
Locking Mechanism: Liner Lock
Weight: 2.15 ounces
Handle Scales: Carbon fiber
Price: $40

Similar to a folding version of a kitchen utility knife, this blade is so light and slim that it could be carried as a specialized slicer alongside a more conventional EDC.

Schrade Blades Video Playlist:


Ultimate Pixel says:

What is your experience on sharpening ceramic knives? It seems weird, brushing ceramic blades on ceramic stones…

Malcolm Townsend says:

is it weird that those blades look almost identical  

theenglandguy says:

Nice! Meh about the ceramic blade, but I’m a die-hard S30V fan, so my opinion isn’t worth much.. maybe I should try it out? 40$ is pretty cheap, and it weighs as much as my current EDC, which is half that size! Still, power to the Hartsook Ultralite, kept it’s edge for 8 months without sharpening, S30V is surprisingly good at keeping an edge

Chuck Scarberry Jr. says:

Question about the grinds looks like a scandi maybe, please elaborate and do they do all types of grinds and what do you use to sharpen them? I don’t have any ceramic but it looks like I’ll be ordering one today…’s all your vault for making cool videos!

Dakota Green says:

Would this be a good knife to carry in your pack for camping, paired with say an RTAK 2, a multi tool and a cold steel roach belly?

Dana H says:

I just ordered this knife based on your review. Thanks!

Ryan Ho says:

Hey Israel can you do a review on the discord machete

Sharp Chronofighter says:

I have a ceramic EDC (an italian Tecnocut) and I’m very pleased with it! I agree with you that, at the cost of just a little extra care in carrying, they provide a very sharp edge for a long time, being in the meantime very light and carryable! Nice video from you as always… 🙂

sticktodrum says:

First! 😀

Bushcraft bowyers says:

Please try are Chanel

Brett DiMichele Studios says:

If you google Knive Making Supplies there are numerous sites that offer real carbon fiber pocket clips, you can get some of them with no holes so you could match up the holes. I picked up this knife and it’s unreal how light it is, and my action is super smooth like yours. Very nice knife for the price.

Ray Shade says:

How does the schrade differ from boker in terms of sharpness

Sea Pig says:

2.15 ounces?!? And this is a Schrade? BTW, how do you sharpen a ceramic blade? Same as a “regular” knife?

KBar666 says:

The downside though is that when it does go dull they are hard to sharpen, may take forever but if you get there… I still like them though.

Rayne Saito says:

How does one sharpen a ceramic blade? Most of my sharpening stones are also ceramic and I frequently thought that you needed something harder than the blade to sharpen it.

Half Breed says:

Never owned a ceramic knife of any kind… always went with steel, but would like to try one out one day.

TheGoatMumbler says:

The 402  (2.7″) version makes a nice gentleman’s folder. You never know it’s in your pocket.

yani van handenhove says:

nice looking knife greetings from belgium

joesphx19 says:

Sounds interesting, although I am not sure about how easy it is to sharpen. Schrade is sure making man sized efforts to upgrade their line.

FourEvergreen says:

Cool looking blade. I’ve never seen it before. I already have a Skyline, which I believe has roughly the same weight and blade length, otherwise I’d probably jump on this (or if I was a collector). I try to not have duplicate function knives; in this case, ultralightweight slicers. This is tempting though.   

Mc Häckmäck says:

I owned a ceramic knife from Böker, it literarily shattered once while i cut a single sheat of paper!
Got refunded though.

R Dixon says:

wow $40 sounds like a deal.

martinaee says:

Can you sharpen this knife with a Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker, for example? Or other similar sharpening stones/rods/etc.

FuwaForestFilms says:

Light and sharp. 🙂

vonkaz52 says:

great knife for cutting and slicing. 

James Sewell says:

That is one of the best looking ceramics I have seen.

Living Survival says:

Good review and discussion on the pros and cons of ceramic. Definitely has it’s place and agreed on that is about as light as you’ll get.

FuwaForestFilms says:

nice blade

jax carl says:

I’m really digging some of the new stuff schrade is coming out with. Cheap, good quality and great designs.

ac10xxz says:

Esee5 or tops Steele eagle for chop split wood?

TangSooDoArnis4Life says:

Looks like it would be a good EDC knife. Nice video Bro!

Voljin says:

hmm I don’t own a ceramic yet, gonna have to pick this one up. and with such a reasonable price tag, I’d be a fool not too.

Anthony Marc says:

Very well reviewed, man. I have this knife as well and I couldn’t have reviewed it better myself. Your points are spot on. Nothing too scary about ceramic blades unless you expect them to function like a steel one. This is a gentleman’s knife meant for light duty cutting and definitely not the sort of thing you want to be opening beer bottles with. As long as you use it for what it was intended, it is a great knife. I carry mine daily because I don’t need a SOG around the office. What I do need is something light weight that doesn’t pull my pants down when I’m wearing it. This knife is perfect for that.

I’d summarize this knife to be one that is of great use for someone who is indoors most of the time. When I’m working outside I like to have a steel blade handy because you never know when you’ll need to pry something or wedge something. However, for general cutting there isn’t anything sharper than ceramic. This knife is the envy of the office.

44SCB says:

I believe custom knife makers can make a carbon fiber clip.

Marc Baker says:

I have 3 ceramics all kitchen knives. I had not considered the ultra light aspects of the schrade folder. Thank you once again for making knife buying easier

BeenieBomb - Old channel! says:

Can’t stand chippy steel. I’ve found that AUS-8A is the best steel for me. It’s easy to sharpen, can take on a ridiculous edge, and holds the edge for a really long time. Best part about it is that it doesn’t chip so you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting into a marshmallow and having the blade snap in half.

Ian Wolfe says:

Great review man! Love the new knives from Schrade. Have you reviewed any Enlan knives? BTW I liked the Star Trek and Star Wars references LOL!

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