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Tamahagane says:

Isn’t this a ceramic coated knife? or is it 100% ceramic?

bernard ward says:

your sharpener sounds like it needs a more
powerful motor to sharpen knives ???

mytuber81 says:

Can you sharpen ceramic knives through a regular carbide/ceramic knife sharpener to get it sharper?

ThatGirlTatianaH says:

OK thank you for a review…but HOW ABOUT trying on TOMATO skin…and tomato that is NOT a first pick…let say…I’ve just to this sharpener yesterday and “sharpened” mine, before GREAT tomato knife…and others…and IT DIDN’T DO IT…??? Just want to hear other opinions and maybe tricks of the trades…???

take ima says:

「電動ダイヤモンドシャープナー DS-38」欲しくなってきた。

Im_That_Monk says:

Those knifes suck

RimfireRat says:

I almost bought one then i searched reviews ~ by combdyn
Jul 12, 2017
not worth the purchase
Unless you have a ceramic knife with the blade protruding 1″ deeper than the handle,
this sharpener is WORTHLESS. Cannot tell from the pics, but the sharpening wheel
is so far fro the edge of the tool, that this machine belongs only in the trash. by rrey
Jun 01, 2016
Almost useless
Too wide and deep for small knives and , with long ones, you can only sharp half of it. Underpowered . Terrible..
If you claim refund you have to pay shipping cost to Japan. RUBBISH

ChefGiovanni says:

If it works, why question it ?

Jesse Serna says:

where do you get one of those sharpener that

ChefGiovanni says:

This is one of the best ways to sharpen a ceramic knife. A diamond stone can get it sharp but you might not get the right angle or effect.

Jesus was a Carpenter says:

very professional, I like it.

يحيى جبران says:


pilotpig says:

metal is better it dont shatter easaly

JosheyG34 says:

can you sharpen steel knifes aswell

Noah Kuzel says:

Do you need to have a ceramic stone for ceramic knives, or can you use a diamond stone?

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