Sharpening a Ceramic Knife

This video demonstrates how to sharpen a ceramic knife using the Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener. A ceramic knife is made from Zirconium Dioxide, also called Zirconia. It is much harder than steel and will stay sharper longer than most steel, but is also brittle and can chip or break. Diamond abrasive belts in two grits, #180 and #1500, are used in sharpening this knife. Only diamond is harder than ceramic, so only these diamond belts will work. Here’s my website:


No fox given says:

+Doug Holser the first run you did 5 on the right and 4 on the left on the pairing nife

Ruben Braddock says:

Very nice video, thank you!

Beast of the Far East says:

only ignorant people use ceramic knives
steel knives are more versatile, easier to maintain & sharpen, more reliable.
and steel knives can stay sharp (actually sharper) just as long as a ceramic

RobbPaulz says:


Chris Go says:

What a moron, let’s test the sharpness by sliding my finger on it.

Thiên Quang Đỗ says:

Can you help me where is this sharpener and diamond belt sell. I’m from Vietnam. Thank you! 🙂

Fourday says:

Good video….. It was nice to see those diamond belts go to work. I know they don’t recommend the diamond belts on steel, but I wondered if maybe you have given it a try? I think it’s most likely due to the aggressiveness of the diamonds.

abz124816 says:

Nice video Doug,

where can I buy this sharpener?

EVITAX Ltd says:

How many chipped knifes can be sharpened with the special set of diamond belts?

Hugo Tse says:

what kind of sharpener is that?

Mr Cow says:

why do ceramic knives even exist it’s basically a regular knife Wich isn’t tempered with a funny name and color

ve2zzz says:

Hi…. Good video…

On 1500 grit diamond belt,you sharpen left-right-left-right… Do you reverse the belt travel for each pass ?

Thank you.

don cahooti says:

why the motor on/off burst for every stroke? why not just keep it running?

Mark Steinman says:

i have the Ken Onion edition but can’t seem to get my ceramic knifes sharp. they cut paper ok, but when i try to cut a tomato, they just slide across the skin. how can i get the knife sharp so it will cut a tomato?

El Duderino says:

I see it rounded the tip, how do you avoid that?

Ka Na says:

you have an amazing voice, im sure you can do wonders in suicide hotlines

Michael Adams says:

is any way to fix a breaking knife like the one you have i break my knife which i payed 230$

KamiyaK says:

do i have to use diamond sharpeners for ceramic knives? will a regular benchstone or ceramic rods damage the blade while sharpening?

Graham Duvall says:

That was EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you so much!

Rolando Perez says:

shame you didn’t demonstrate the chipped one to restore or resurface the blade

Leroy Carroll says:

Real good info. Thanks

Bogdan Transcendentov says:

Outstanding! Thanks a lot!

Jason Loke says:

Yes, great video, good background, too. Thanks for sharing.

portionssnus says:

Zirconia goes through a phase change when force or heat is applied, therefore it is good to use cooling when working on zirconia. The different phases of zirconia have different sizes and changing phase puts a strain on the material.

Jp13 says:

You should show a tutorial on how to sharpen wharncliffe knives

Joanie Lewis says:

Hahaha… I lived in Palmdale for 23 years! Thanks for the tut!

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