“So sharp it’s silly” Kyocera Ceramic Knife Review and demonstration.

I’d researched these ceramic knives and ended up getting one myself. It is the sharpest knife I’ve ever used and should hold its edge much longer than a steel knife.


fred64300 says:

i would keep it under my pillow
LIKE if u agree

XTsaid says:

It would probably cut though your pillow!
Resulting in a gruesome decapitation.

but it makes me think, knife to a gunfight, if you had a secure place to carry it with you ofcoruse.

Cyrilcynder1 says:

Thats an interesting notion……i will now make one

Yeasty Loaf says:

Hmmmm I wonder why he has no hair on his arms.

pedro quintanilla says:

he probably turned the camera off because the pepper was to hot

1lapmagic says:

I have the santoku version of the Kyocera. Cut the living shit out of myself last week while trying to brush some pepper slices off the blade. I’m scared of it now

Ricky Bobby says:

Lol I just got a ceramic knife today. I also agree “Its scary”. I’m actually a bit nervous now to cut like I normally do… which is pretty safe… I just feel like… the injury would be a lot worse if I screwed up ahahaha… ah.

Blank Blank says:

lol my phone is made by the company that made that knife

aj863 says:

No. Obviously.

the chemtrail kid says:

can u use this knife to oil a pig

NotDavidM says:

Try this, say, “I am Flaming Taint” in your deepest voice

DamDisShxtBull says:

Wait, Because “the knife is so hard, you can grind away at it to get an extremely sharp edge.” I’ve never seen a person use a grinder on a knife and it came out sharper than i can do on some fine stones. IF you don’t know what you are talking about, don’t say it at all.

MasterofPlay7 says:

lol can it pass the hair hanging test?

ivanteo1973 says:

I had a few pairs and they all chipped off after some uses.

draconic33 says:

I want 21 of these, but in throwing knife shape.

TMW W says:

nice voice

dale carpenter says:

if you don’t temper steel it will do the same ting

MrWirelesscaller says:

You can sharpen them on diamond sharpeners. I have a cheap harbor freight sharpener and ceramic knife, been using both of them for years one restoring the other. I sharpen the ceramic knife last when sharpening multiple knives, it cleans the steel filings on the sharpener.

General Ph4ntomz says:

i watched the whole video to see if you were going to eat a piece.

James Fawcett says:

an old person…

chefgiovanni says:

I used mine today. Got it @ ChefDepot . c o m I used it for fruit salad.

krazor8 says:

pretty impressive for a non metal blade.. but my shuns and miyabis will eat it alive

Bjorn Caffe says:

A 4-stroke, fuel-inject engine?

Tonicwine999 says:

What size of blade is this?


Levi Calder says:

I’ve been sitting here thinking “ooh they look so yummy eat them!” as in the peppers

Sky Vins says:


YouzTube99 says:

An interesting question. I have the same knife and found it lost its keen edge after a couple months. While that’s pretty good compared to metal knives that need to be honed regularly on a steel, I’m glad I have diamond stones to restore the edge of the ceramic. Kyocera says that should not be necessary, but in my experience, it is. YMMV.

XMrChicagoX says:

i have the exact same watch

papaburger says:

how about using it to cut sushi rolls and sashimi ?

Roi Tristan Santos says:

Now they gotta make a ceramic Katana..

Brian Eller says:

Get your mind out of the gutter people… the answer is a 4 stroke bike!

MrJayWaffles says:

I like to pretend hes GassyMexican 🙂

A. Zak says:

these knives are scary, they are too sharp for my taste. I’ll stick with a steel knife that is sharp enough to shave with.

Mermaid Man says:

does any one know of a lock flolding pocket knife with ceramic blade?

Michael Battle says:

You can do this with a butter knife…

alancats says:

Kyocera knives are awesome and keep their sharpness for far longer than steel knives. But, they require a little more care in handling. If you drop one on the floor, it might break, because the ceramic is brittle. But, as long as you’re careful, they’ll provide years of great service! Always store these knives in a knife block after use. Never put them in a drawer with other knives or tools.

chefgiovanni says:

I have a whole set in blue handles. Got them @ Chef Depot . c o m, with free shipping!
Thanks for the great review!

Dragon Warriors says:

Does it cut skin

shurdi3 says:

Well ceramic has a different structure from steel, so it allows for a finer edge

stephen rocillo says:

hmm airport metal detectors come to mind MWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

ignitedASMR says:

Omg thts so dangerous, a child can see tht and think its plastic and bam!! Scary lol

Ed Eddini says:

are they still as good as they were when you bought them?

krammy999999 says:

Im planning to get one. How do you sharpen it?

CyberSetan says:

I wonder if they make ceramic samurai swords…

Zach Pfouts says:

Here little boy go play military with this plastic knife… Yea scary in the wrong hands

Corey Adler says:

The only reason I have a ceramic kitchen knife is for acidic foods like tomato; which can eat through the edge of your steel knives rendering them dull and useless.

sukhjeet grewal says:

How about slicing a neck. Would it pass the test

SamuelJ says:

this would be dangerous in my hands.
edited to add…because I would probably end up hurting myself with the sharpness.

Rationalific says:

Pretty cool!

2000Betelgeuse says:

Damm, that’s sharp, how long does it last?, becuase I assume those type of knife’s can’t be sharped

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