steel knives vs ceramic knives Steel Knives vs. Ceramic knives: Kyocera ceramics are rated #1, these stay sharp longer than most knives. USA made Chef blocks and chopping boards Click the link, visit the website today! Watch our other videos. Copyright 2014
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John Pratt says:

The best thing ti store fruit like that is either ceramic or glass because the fruit will react with metal.

❤卍OM卐❤ says:

I would have eaten everything.

Pete Zereeah says:

So where is the ceramic? These fucking assholes that do these videos make me reconsider my view on the death penalty.

raphidy17 says:

Santoku not santuko. Great, informative video. Thanks.

ixidor says:

I wouldn’t put “vs” in the title unless you’re going to show a comparison between steel ones vs the ceramic…(tho, you have great cutting technique).

Axis Angles says:

Where are the ceramic knives?

Cherubim Church says:

I would not recommend using any steel or aluminum to store your foods, especially not for 1-2 days. Metals release ions, on a long enough time-scale you will get Alzheimer from this. The same goes for knives of metal, ceramic is the healthiest option and the safest.

Kristian Brandt says:

Art eeee cians XD

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