Steel vs. Ceramic Blade Test & a Quick Giveaway

A very un-scientific test, comparing the edge retention of steel & ceramic blades. Mostly just me having a good time! Also, a little knife giveaway for the subscribers! – GIVEAWAY CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED FOR ENTRIES –


Cheng Lee says:

you’re cutting the paper wrong. slicing doesn’t test the blades sharpness as well as pulling the knife through the paper slowly.

GhostNeck says:

Im in for the gaw!

California Prepper says:

Absolutely loved the video brother. Great test. Really put em through the paces. Oh and I’d love to have a ceramic blade. that’s a sweet schrade.

Andreas Iosif says:

aye man to be honest you gave me the exact review i was looking for very good video and informative, really helped me to make my decision , only thing i would suggest investing in a better camera for better quolity and helping your channel, thanks keep i up


not a big fan of ceramic blades but they do have their qualitys, great video man!

John Scholl says:

I’d love the schrade. Its a to give to my mom for food preparation and also to carry. keep up with the good vids!!!

Arctic Gator says:

How does one go about sharpening a ceramic blade?

Hard Rock says:

Bone has a hardness of about 3.5, steel knives about 6.5 and ceramic knives about 9.5. Diamonds are 10. If you really want to sharpen them you will need a fine or very fine diamond sharpener. The diamond size should be as small as you can get—1000 or more

jonny cola says:

Man I would really like to have that knife. Might just have to go pick one up.

James Roark says:

great video as always thanks for the information i will stick with steel

NoStressMike says:

Thank you for doing this test and for your time. I found it very interesting. Mike

Knife Addict says:

I’ll put my name in the box.

Dracon X says:

Nice un-scientific testing lol. I’m interested in the winner.

marshalllaw123 says:

What a great vid! I’d love to have that schrade. Been kicking around the idea of picking up a ceramic blade lately, so your timing is on point!

DeadwoodHero says:

Illuminating. Great vid

James Franco says:

Steel* what did you score on the ASVAB? Lol jk

Xavier says:

Cool tests! I’ve never bothered trying to see what ceramic is capable of. I pretty much just cut food and enjoy the fact that I don’t have to worry about it rusting or dulling out on me any time soon. I figured it would go through paper and cardboard for days, but I never would have guessed it would hold up that well against some of the thicker materials, especially the G10! I’ve killed enough bits to know how hard that stuff is to get through..

I’ll throw my name in the hat. There’s always munchies to be made into smaller munchies!

BB King says:

i want that knife so i hope this count’s as a entry

jonny cola says:

I would love to have that knife!!!

Matthew Yuen says:

I would be interested in this knife

Gary Stamey says:

SAFETY NOTE ON “nicked” Ceramic blades: “IF” you ingest that “nicked” ceramic bit, it will cut your INSIDES up! THROW AWAY ALL “nicked” Ceramic blades, you don’t want your family to “taste” this super cutting menace!!!

david94499 says:

I am 14 years old and I have a buck spitfire as well as 10 other knives which I am legally allowed to own. So I would love that scherade but since I am not 18 you dont have to send it to me, hope you gave it to someone who is over 18 and have a nice day.

fapping2quelaag says:

Great vid!

Owen G says:

I’m impressed with the abilities of a ceramic blade. I always thought they were silly gimmicky junk in the stores cus they sell those in grocery stores and such. I’m glad I saw this.

KnifeCollector031 The Netherlands says:

Nice vid and testing. Nice GAW also. Though i will not participate. I gladly award this to someone else.

jonah palmisano says:

Im in for the knife!

James Sempy says:

Hi there …. thanks for the vid ….
the metal stuff was not intended to fool metal detectors … you can still remove it by grinding … and replace the metal handpiece by wood …
some cerams may contain ferromagnetics in their formula, eg. Co, Ni, Cr ….

Austin Brady says:

Hey man could you do a collection update? I haven’t seen one in a while. I would love to see all your folders! Thanks

Ray Serrato says:

Great display, thank you.

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