testing kyocera ceramic knife

http://chefdepot.net/sushi-knife-reviews.htm Testing out the new Kyocera ceramic fish slicing knife. Brought to you by Chef Depot . Copyright 2012


avarmauk says:

I once ate 1 kg of raw salmon (sashimi) in one sitting. It was the best day everrrrrr!

Andrew D says:

I asked this at the beginning but is it possible to eat raw salmon

chefgiovanni says:

Yes, but it does not taste too good, unless you put it into sushi rolls and add soy / wasabi

melodicspeed says:

It is FAR WAY CHEAPER to buy a common inoxidable  steel knife, and  two  metal sand paper sheets, one of 500 grade and other 1000 grade. Uxse water to lubricate and in 2 minutes you can have an almost factory sharpened knife.

Andrew D says:

I think black looks even better

alexander rosendin says:

thats not eve true. salmon is amazing raw…

chefgiovanni says:

Yes ! Thanks for the comment …

Paulothegeneral says:

this is literally so relaxing. I am so triggered – not in that sense

Grappolidipalma says:

I found black ceramic is really superior to the white (more blade retention, far far more). I am not specialist in ceramic knives but Kyocera do some really nice products.

A pleasure to watch, thanx 🙂

An Nguyen says:

I am going to buy a knife or maybe two so i heard that ceramic knife is very sharp but it is squishy like hell so as a chef (i am educating myself at school to be a chef) do you think that this knife is worth to buy since in a ala carte restaurant it require a lot of different work. So do you reccommend buying a good japanese steel knife(like global, zwilling, shun) or this knife(or other ceramic knife)

chefgiovanni says:

You are correct. I started with the white blades but now favor the black ones. They are fired to a harder level and you can see the blade more easily as it glides through the foods.

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