Yoshi Blade – Product Review

Jack Scalfani adds another product review to his channel. This time it’s the Yoshi Blade. He will let you know if it’s worth buying or not.


Krassi 3000 says:

i loved the reaction when you wrecked the ceramic knife! epic!

EN Puckering says:

I have a Yoshi Blade that we bought at a Bed Bath and Beyond a few years ago… its still sharp to this day, but the blade length isn’t a favourite of mine, nor is the handle, as the rubberized texture, for some reason and somehow, has become tacky and is rubbing away in places.. o.p I only hand-wash with soap and water. Not sure why that is.. it mostly just sits in a drawer now, but, I love that it came with a little blade sheath to keep it safe from chipping~ 🙂 Note: it really isn’t meant to be used with anything hard… its great for vegetables, but NOT hard/tough things… as would make sense for a ceramic knife ;p

Glad to see your video of it, even if its a “back-log” within your upload content 😉 haha

Kyle Lombardi says:

Can’t believe he used a ceramic knife on wood and was surprised when it broke

Hans Adriel Gabriel says:

It’s ceramic???? why expect it to cut WOOD????

Akhmad Athir Ar Raafi says:

Thats not a product review thats product insulting vid

Fredrich Fernando says:

Is this some sort of sick joke?

Flyboy86 says:

“somewhere in my food is a ceramic piece of chunk”  didn’t break any pieces on food.

iysaw says:

Only a yank would actually buy something from an info-mercial.

SirBrandonfx says:

You don’t know how many times I’ve cut my fingers with a potato peeler. Heck, I don’t even know it’s been so many times xD

Steve Mullin says:

Jack I love your sow but you were cutting a wooden spoon handle with a ceramic knife of course it would chip and break



Joe Allen says:

i have had several ceramic knives and love them they stay sharp and yes you can’t cut frozen or bony meats but i would use a butter knife to cut steak. all knives have a purpose and not all knives can do everything.

Home and Away With Johnny says:

Off to the dump for the Yoshi knife….

Moon Lord says:

uh… they can get sued for having Yoshi in the name. its a copyrighted character of nintendo, a green dinosaur called Yoshi. so yeah, nintendo might have sued them for that.

TeddyBearHuggles says:

Everyone one is butt hurting in the comments, I’m just laughing about the fact that jack actually managed to break a knife XD I laughed pretty hard when I saw that it broke lol

Char Bro says:

let me break this knife on wood and then return it to walmart…..

Alvin Pham says:

… I just like his voice o.o

Christian Garcia says:

Jack, ceramic blades are really good at holding an edge. Except they’re very brittle. They’re very hard, but not tough.

oprocid1 says:

knifes aren’t for cutting wood.

Muhammad Lee says:

I bet there were instructions he didn’t read that say not to cut wood with ceramic

hugo niggletz says:

the best part of you videos are the comments! good job simple jack

Doug Williams says:

Need a professional sharping person to sharpen it

Michael Gould says:

Why are you cutting wood with a ceramic knife!?

h lynn keith says:

Chef Ming Tsai uses ceramic knives. Once a year he sends his ceramic knives off to a professional for sharpening.

Matthew Niedbala says:

Dude you cut things funny. I can’t watch.

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