CHEF KNIFE BATTLE! The Ceramic vs the Folded Steel!

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Remember everyone, don’t invest a TON of money into your first knife! Without proper care, respect and skills that very expensive knife will find its way to a junk drawer due to improper use.

Start small and work your way up!

Nenox On SALE!:
Ceramic Knife Set (AWESOME DEAL!) :
Ceramic Honing Rod (my favorite!):

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Oztin Kelii says:

The difference in the knives is power , to feel it you have to cut thru a whole onion with both knives and you will feel a difference between the 2 or any knife u want to test . we were Julienning 150lb onions for french onion soup for a big banquet and i had my Glestain , another guy had a sakai takauki and another had a nenox .. we all could cut the veggies but the nenox could do it with less arm energy . Important when we still had to prep the rest of the menu for the 800 covers (Frekin Plated) ..The Nenox makes a difference in a heavy commercial enviorment .. at home ill challenge it with my $5.00 thailand made self honed kiwi 6 inch super thin veggie cleaver . : p

Allen Schultz says:

Kyocera started out as a ceramics company and eventually also started making ceramic microchips and then phones. They were prob making knives before phones tho

Gareth Baus says:

You never mentioned sharpening.

I dont want to change my name google says:

Thanks dude! I added a set of Kyocera ceramic knives to my amazon cart. BTW, a few edits in the video felt a bit off, but other than that great work.

BKx Repo says:

acutally you didnt show us your collection

乙O๔Iคᑕ says:

Omg, please tell me you didnt pay 700 dolalrs for a shun! I hope you didnt choose them. Shun is one of those brands that is a company that builds knives that while above adverage, is more like the petsmart of the knife subject. Basically, a huge thing that is what people know about, and is the basic start of getting to know good knives. There is so much better for the same price or lower than shun, just go to, chefknivestogo, or even they all have knives that are better steels, brands, and general abilities in the kitchen. Shun imo is overhyped and priced, so are brands like miyabi and dalstrong, who offer pretty substantial knives, but are overpriced because they have a cool design or cladding. In my opinion, you would be much better off buying a hattori, sakai takayuki, yoshihiro, shibata, gihei, okeya, kanehide, kijiwara, and many other amazing brands rather than investing in a shun or dalstrong. Also, ceramic knives are not used because they cost a bit much sometimes, and usually dont have as much of edge ability, as well as needing to be sharpened with things you most likely dont have. They are inconvenient and are a waste for a lot of people(mostly chefs and restaurant owners) There are better things for the price of that kyocera, budgets like kuma, bluesim, zvypod, as well as dexter whustoff pro, and even victorionox. Just saying, there is a lot better for the price of those knivesn used in the video, dont want to be pretencious, but i just want people to know there are a lot better options

Carlos Pimentel says:

I have a ceramic knife, but I better go.with a regular steel blade cuz i can t sharpen the ceramic one at home… really sad about it

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