$40 Mercer Renaissance vs $160 Wusthof Ikon Knife

A comparison of the Mercer Renaissance Chef and Wusthof Classic Ikon Cook’s Knife. Both knives offer great value. You’ll be surprised to see how well the Mercer holds up to the Wusthof.

Wusthof Ikon http://amzn.to/2uw0yWv
Mercer Renaissance http://amzn.to/2hRHT1y

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Blair Ashby says:

What happend to the knife lottery you were doing!!!

Andrew F. says:

Great video! Love how it’s short and to the point yet detailed enough to highlight each knife characteristics. Stay humble buddy well done. I fall into the strapped for cash category so I’ll go look at that Mercer. Have you taken a look at the Victorinox to compare to the Mercer?

Harrison Hamada says:

not sure if you have them, but you’d be amazed by a comparison of a Mercer Genesis vs a Wusthof Grad Prix 2. Or compare that Renaissance to a Wusthof Classic.

Love the videos!

HeyLexGo! says:

Can you please do a head to head comparison between a dalstrong gladiator vs dalstrong phantom vs shun sora. That would be awesome

Justin Loving says:

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on Global chef knives

spronkey says:

Really useful and helpful videos Ryky, thanks! Wondering what you thought of the Mercer Genesis range, especially around the handle comfort? I have a Hattori HD Gyuto for my main knife but looking for something a little less precious.

Go Johnny Go says:

Watching your videos gave me much insight on sharpening stones and knives. i don’t see many videos with multiple comparison of a product with a detailed review in youtube. Thanks

Darwin Bodero says:

Hey ryky what do you have to say about cutting boards? Edge or end grain?

MrDeadSea777 says:

Why am i watching this ? Great comparison btw… def would go with the cheaper one… solid handle and has the exact same steel composition ? That’s a no brainer…

TheVryfst says:

No disrepect, but the difference is that guy in Germany has a house and was educated, and the guy in Taiwan is being exploited. We all choose how and where to spend our money, but let’s not pretend that we don’t know why the cost is different.

James Jacocks says:

Good points, Ryky. That German steel is so easy to get sharp that keeping it sharp is hardly a chore. I think Mercer makes some great workhorse knives. There is a reason they can be found in so many commercial kitchens. Still, that Wustof is a piece of art, and when you consider the steepness and distal taper ratio, that knife is a good buy. Just a lot more expensive. Mercer can, and does, make some stunning blades, at times for third parties. They are second to none in the technology they command.

Robert McNamara says:

How would you rate the similarity of the Mercer against the Wusthof classic?

Dylan Colombo says:

Great video, what are the sizes of the knives in your video ?

Jimmy Smith says:

how can i send you a email

bebo7002 says:

I have used both and I cant understand why the whustof is worth 120 dollars more. I dont see it, the mercer even has a rounded spine!!!!

BeastMode Joe says:

Can I just get atoma 400/1200 and Suehiro Rika 5000 and be fine? I just care about getting my knives sharp. Also I’m on a budget and only want to spend 200 bucks. I’m a butcher and cut meat all day. So my knives dull fast, and I use the victornox 10 and 12in. Let me know what you think??

Shane Singleton says:

These budget knife videos are my favorite. I may have to add one of these to my block along with my Kuma and Cozilife! I love the classic handle design. Need to get one of your strop blocks.

Daniel Driver says:

When you sharpen it seems like you do it alot by intuition, you sometimes say you can feel a micro burr. What does that actually feel like?

babypj says:

I just bought the Mercer 6 piece on amazon and this review made me feel really glad that I chose this budget set

Peter Rosenberg says:

I was torn between these two brands. Your review was so helpful. Thank you!

Paul O'Neil says:

Thanks for your amazing videos. After years spent raising my 3 kids on my own and just struggling in the kitchen, I am embracing cooking and really going for it. Your knife reviews have been amazing and because of them I purchased the 10″ Mercer chef knife and the 6″ Dalstrong Gladiator to be my two goto knifes for almost everything. I’ve also added a few new pots and pans, and I’m now addicted to Youtube cooking videos. Many thanks.

chistopher ian malinao says:

Hello burr… I like your videos and very informative

JT Mag says:

Great comparison. I’m wondering if you will ever do a global knife review.

feynmans says:

I fucking love Mercer’s 5″ utility knife. Good to see that the Chef’s knife is good too!!

RPP says:

Great comparison! As is the case with just about every product out there, there will be times where the only real difference between an expensive item and it’s inexpensive counterpart lies in the label. Sometimes paying more for the “name brand” just doesn’t make any sense when you can get the same quality for less than half the price. These impartial reviews are what I really love about your channel!

Sulejman Tabakovic says:

Mercer very nice …………. wusthof not

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