$400 Bob Kramer Damascus Chef Knife Worth it?

Is it worth paying $100 more for the $400 Kramer SG2 Damascus over the $300 Kramer Carbon chef knife? Both knives are beautiful, and well-made, so before you buy one of them, you should know this.

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Todd Wall says:

Like to see Hammer Stahl stuff. They seem to be a direct competitor to Mercer (genesis series, anyhow). They have much cooler looking handles, and they are honest about what pakkawood really is, plastic plywood. Not a bad thing at all for a knife handle. It’s actually superior to real wood. But it IS cheap. The steel is toe-to-toe. The hardness the same. Same price range. I’d almost wonder if Mercer had something to do with them. Hmmmm.

This company makes cool looking knives, and I hope they send you something to review.

maxime caron says:

The carbon version rust …

D Potter says:

Hi I have real trouble viewing the your kit Web site and not sure if it my end and your end .. love the vids tho have learnt loads many thank for your time

Adam Yarbough says:

Hey Ryky. One thing you might want to explain is Damascus finish vs a real Damascus knife because those sometimes perform differently.

Beartooth Sharpening says:

Great video!! Throwing your knife poses in there was a clever touch and it made me smile! Thanks for the info and not taking yourself to seriously.

Nick L says:

how does the plain stainless version compare?

Jeff Watts says:

For as well as you can sharpen a knife, you sure could spend some time behind the business end of one, your knife skills are lacking…

Weaponized Memes says:

I’d take the damascus in a heartbeat at the same price. I might even choose the damascus if it was $50 pricier.

Jason He says:

What is the reason you make your own dog food? And what’s your recipe?

Joseph PrzNCE says:

Wonderful knife, thank you.

Inspector Poirot says:

Hey Ryky, I thought that it was very interesting hearing you compare the steels of these two knives. Would you consider doing a video similar to your whetstone video where you compare the different types of steel and their advantages and disadvantages, particularly in how they feel to use and edge retention?

Daniel says:

Sorry to bother you again, but I have another question. I heard in one video that you said most European knives will actually dull really quicker if you go above 1000 grit and get a mirror polish edge. Will this apply to my Mercer culinary renaissance? Thanks.

jojojaykay says:

Can you do videos on cleaning and maintaining strops?

Charlie Nilsson says:

Heya Ryky can you do a Kramer vs Murray carter review someday in the future? Keep up the good work! Cheers.

Charles Thumerelle says:

I would totally go with cabon. I’d rather have it be well balanced AND i really don’t like the damascus effect on those knives. Damascus adds great look to most knives, I just don’t like the sharp design they used on those.

R4stamaniek says:

What do you think about MinoSharp Plus 3? Maybe you’ll do some video about it?:) Or what wet stones you recommend for begginers Greetings from Poland!

Paul Lonardo says:

Hey Ryky. Have you ever used the Kitayama 8000 stone? I just bought one to replace my broken naniwa specialty ss 8k which was so thin it warped and just I dunno I wasnt too happy. But my replacement is the Kitayama 8k…any experience with it? I got it for 67$ on amazon. I know if you give the thumbs up I did good!

Jeff Kaesberg says:

I love SG2 steel, the only steel I like better (in my opinion) is Hap40 steel. Whatevaer, someone might argue with me, , to each, their own.

a0kca1p says:

Different carrot tip: If you cut them at a slight angle, you’ll produce ovals as opposed to circular rounds. Ovals won’t nearly as much.

Abdul Dogan says:

Clean that rust Off 🙂

n00baTr00pa says:

Am I the only one that thinks that Kramers are ugly af?

Troy says:

Didn’t you already do this exact video?

Jake wear says:

I purchased the Kramer Damascus. It was a beautiful knife,
But I returned it after reading a number o reviews where it chipped and Henckel refused to honor the warranty.

Smock Knives says:

Hey man do you have an email address? I’m starting into making kitchen knives and would like to ask you a couple questions. Let me know. Mine is Kevin@smockknives.com Thanks!

Nikolai Nikolov says:

Hi, I have a question that’s not relevant to this video but in one of your videos you’ve tested the sound of the metal on the blades of several knives. Is that relevant to the quality in someway? How should a quality knife sound like?

Jovonn Trujillo says:

If they were the same price I would go Damascus!!!! Just sooooo beautiful!

Ldunk says:

Heya Riki, have you looked at the Shan Zu knives yet? I would like your thought’s on the 8″ Chef’s knife.

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