Almazan Kitchen Knife Review – – Serbian Chef Knife

Almazan Kitchen Knife Review – 1st Impressions – This is my review and 1st impressions of the Almazan Kitchen Knife. The knife really fits my personality being a nice size and having good balance in my hand. The craftmanship is second to none in both the Almazan Kitchen Knife and the Naked Leather Knife Sheath with Pocket. This Knife will be an added asset if your an outdoors type of person also. Truly you only need this knife with you while you camp.

Each Knife is Hand Made with Heavy Carbon Steel blade with Pakawood Handle and Genuine Leather Sheath. The Almazan Kitchen iconic knife is made of hardened Carbon steel for sharpness and durability. Get yours today and enjoy your adventure!

Bushcraft style heavy blade for ‘wilderness skills chopping & hacking’ – Blade Thickness: 5/32″

Chef style is a thinner blade for ‘kitchen usage for slicing & dicing’ – Blade Thickness: 3/32″

Almazan Kitchen knife handle is made from Pakkawood® You do not want a knife handle to be made out of soft or fine woods as punishing use and repeated wet conditions will destroy most materials.

Pakkawood® is a stabilized wood which is compressed under high pressure to create a very dense and durable material while still exhibiting its natural beauty.

Each Almazan Kitchen knife is handmade to last and can stand up to whatever you throw at it. We have had customers do the unthinkable….. and yet the knife has still performed.

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Dale Cooper says:

Can you tell me why you said ” Siberian knife”? I mean, the guys are from Serbia, not Siberia.


Enjoy your unique knife‼️

Phil N Florence says:

Nice review AB. I believe Meathead just kicked it up into high gear. Nice knife and can tote the mail in food preparation. Good job broham.

James Warlock says:

How much was it

Cooking With CJ says:

AB I love my Almazan Chef Knife! It’s a beast!! Sorry I missed you this week brother. Month end in my industry is jammed packed. I’ll hit you up this Sunday. Cheers brother!

Backyard Films says:

now thats a knife, wow, lol great review

snoopyeats 408 says:

Oh man brodie I love that knife I’m gonna order it I watch Almazan kitchen for like almost a year now… they use thier blade a lot ..
Great review big homie….

Air Fryer Recipes with Booger500us says:

Very nice review of that wonderful knife AB

Mariana Sanchez says:


Tango Joe says:

That is a great looking knife, and that case is excellent!

Jami Stabler says:

Heyyyy yalll lol your rite AB that’s a manly knife. It looks super sharp.

Elvin Rueda says:

Have it rusted out on you? Great review

Stephanie's Kitchen says:

Hi AB! That knife looks good on you, I definitely am scared of that thing, but you have complete control of it. It is a beautiful knife!!

Southern Smoke Boss says:

thats a great heavy duty knife! the way I’m set up all my fingers would be gone lol

MP P says:

It is not Siberian (Russia) but Serbia (Balkan-EU)!!!

kevame1 says:


Starlisha Stevenson says:

Super cool

kevame1 says:


goltoof says:

This isn’t the “original”. Almazan sells their own version of this knife but it’s around $300. I can see paying that if you’re a big fan and wanted to support their channel but they should probably make it more affordable and set up a dot com store for people to buy it.


Great video bro! The song gave energy to the video! Just got my cleaver in the mail. Gonna do a knife video soon!

Keyser Reveal says:

No better person to review this. Awesome review.

diordiva says:

I love to watch the Almazan Kitchen..looks like a great knife!

Lasse's Food and Barbecue says:

you will love it i am sure. Such a great knife.

It is one of the things will try to have delivered somewhere in the us so i can pick them up when i go. There are plenty of things that are not possible to get outside the us for me due to the pricing of the shipping.

Your spices are also on my list 🙂

Do It with J. Wade says:

Nice knife work AB


Great review of an awesome looking knife AB… not sure why but I just got the notification for this video today even though the videos been up for 2 days but watched today cheers buddy


some Meathead on YouTube is trying to selll his knockoff versions of the original almazan kitchen knives, always someone trying to piggyback off someone else’s success.

Dhrisni says:

Oh hey, another awesome video !!!!!!

MeatHead says:

AB that was A very Professional Review. THANKYOU very much. I am very impressed with the camera angles and Detail. That knife fits you very well.

ZOOM JB says:

HEY AB did you get the Chef blade or the Butcher?

nikola Marjanovic says:

Not Siberian, Serbian… One is in Russia and the other in Europe.

khalil khair says:

Kitchen Ninja likes it already……chop chop chop !!!!

Kolorful Kalmele says:

Now that’s a BIG knife!! Very cool. Great demo video and review!

Les Forever says:

I love the knife case it’s cute. Can know that knife is really sharp

lemark green says:

Not siberian, it’s serbian

Syd223 says:

The Almazan cooking channel is a one of my favorites. It’s so well done and actually beautiful to watch. The knife is also a handmade thing of beauty. Love your channel too.

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