Almazan knife review bushcraft version The chefs are from Serbia, not Spain. My error.

This is just an honest review I did on the fly about this knife. I have $89.00 invested for this knife shipped to my door with a leather sheath, and $5.00 to get it sharpened. If you want to spend over 300 dollars and have a 7 month wait for the same knife, it’s your money. You decide.


CARBiNOX says:

hows the knife? just found out my wife ordered me the bushcraft version for our anniversary.

kristo g says:

The same reshaped Chinese cleaver with a good sheath. You can choose a Chinese cleaver for $89 or the same for $300.The difference is in the sheaths. No blacksmiths in action in Serbia. In Spain either.

Saša Đorđević says:


Lester Verano says:

Good knife, made of heavy carbon steel. A magnet will stick right to it, and it will rust if you leave it wet due to the iron content in the metal, which is yet another indicator of the type of metal used for the blade. I keep a light coat of veggie oil on mine after I’m done. Good knife.

Dax Ruiz says:

Lester, I ordered one a couple of weeks ago. Wondering how long did you wait for yours?

embrj145 says:

$89 my friend $89 ….

F G says:

Very good review. Thank you. I bought the Bushcraft version, got it in 3 weeks. And it’s a very good quality. The difference with your review is that the blade is originally a razor. No need to have it sharpened.

Frode Bjerkely says:

Fraude firm..They talking about having problems with shipping and bla bla bla…. But its fraude and nothing more.
Do not buy! Period

D T says:

Did you ask Frank his opinion of the knife?

franky9fingers says:

Almazan Kirchen is from Serbia. The knives are from Spain. 2 different things

MeatCranium BBQ AND REVIEW says:

Almazan Kitchen started There YouTube Channel June 9th, 2015, they did not use this knife until April 13th, 2016. 10 month 1 week later. They claim they Are the original ones to have these knives. I found a video from 2012 of a man in Taiwan that was using this exact knife to cut up pineapples. The knife had a fully formed Patina and he was using it like he had been using it for years. Almazan Knives are not the Liars. Almazan Knives has been in business since 1985, and have been making this knife since 1988. The delay in shipping was because of a loss of 800 Knives from Rouge employee. They are getting back on track. They are not Fake. Almazan Kitchen are Liars

markos markou says:

AlmazanKnives you are FRAUDS!!! i ordered almost 4 months ago and im still waiting!! no response to my emails!! you just send every couple weeks to all fooled customers an email that we will get within 24 hours a tracking number but nothing happend!!!

eXplorer says:

Cool channel!

Tom Claringtom says:


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